Clay Aiken – The OMG GALA!

Raleigh, North Carolina just experienced an amazing event….For those in attendance it was nicknamed


It is very late, but I want to post just a quick outline of the evening.  Tomorrow, I will post more.

Words are almost impossible to describe the electricity in the air.  The entire event was something I will never forget.

OK…here we go…


  • All Is Well:  Great way to start a concert and Clay nailed the “glory” note.
  • Oh Holy Night:  He sang it as beautifully as ever!
  • Mary, Did You Know:  The Aiken Random Lyric Generator was NOT needed.
  • Don’t Save It All:  Ended with thunderous applause and everyone on their feet.
  • Emmanuel:  He went back to the 2005 arrangement of this song.
  • Invisible:  Blue Independent Tour shirt and we got 3 shirt tugs in this rockin’ performance.  It was so much fun!
  • I Survived You:  Clay said this was his personal favorite from the album.  It was a passionate performance.
  • A Thousand Days:  It was definitely a crowd pleaser!
  • As Long As We’re Here:  Appropriate placement in the program as he sang this after his heartfelt tribute to a wonderful volunteer who is longer with us.
  • Where I Draw The Line:  Great to hear a live performance of the song that Jaymes and Clay wanted as the first single.
  • Unchained Melody:  I will always thank Ben for this amazing arrangement for Clay.
  • Bring Back My Love:  New Song…The snippets do not reflect the total feel of the song.  It is a true love song that is magical.
  • Hallelujah:   Another Ben Cohn arrangement for Clay and Quiana which was powerful and emotional.  This beautiful song was meant to be sung by Clay.

It was wonderful that Quiana was able to be an integral part of the program.  She sang backup for Clay and also sang three solos:  Christmas Time Is Here, Grown-up Christmas List, and I Can’t Make You Love Me If You Don’t.    She is such a powerful singer and seems to get better with every performance.

The three honorees were amazing and the National Inclusion Project put on an exciting and emotional weekend.  I will report more about it when it is not 1AM in the morning.

Thanks for your patience during this past week of travel.  I am so glad that I was able to take in so much in the last week.

Clay wore this shirt and tie!

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The OMG GALA!

  1. Thank you, musicfan! It certainly sounds like an extraordinary evening. I didn't realize he sang so many songs … and Quiana too. Can't wait to hear more about this amazing event!

  2. I’m so excited for all those who got to go. Sounds like a wonderful evening and I couldn’t have picked a more perfect songlist. (Where I draw the line has always been my favorite!!) The snippets I’ve heard of Bring Back My Love are gorgeous so I’m dying to hear the full song. Thanks for sharing the wonderful night with those of us who couldn’t go.

  3. Musicfan, great mini recap of our special night with Clay!! At the airport, on my way home from Raleigh!! Wonderful visit. Great time, great friends and so great to finally meet YOU!! I am exhausted but in a satisfying way!! See you next time!! What an OMFG concert!!!

  4. i am a little bit jealous that I couldn't be there and missed all that, but happy that Clay hit another one out of the park. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Thanks for the recap.

  5. Have a safe trip home. Bet you will love sleeping in your own bed! We can’t thank you enough for all the Clay news you posted for us. You made us feel that we were there with you.

  6. OMG! there was never any question, but it's great to hear verification that Clay is the best voice and entertainer!!

  7. What an amazing night!!!! I was moved to tears on more than one occasion. I can't wait for next year to get here already!!!

  8. This was my first Gala and so glad to have been there – no words can describe the whole
    week-end. The snippet of the new song can't even come close to what we heard on Sat. night!!!
    The whole event was amazing for sure – Clay just seemed soooo happy and so full of energy –
    Quiana was outstanding as always – It was a truly heavenly night – knew it would be wonderful –
    but couldn't have imagined just how OMG my first Gala would turn out to be!!!!!! 🙂

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