Clay Aiken – And It Continues

I have to say that this has been a fun day!! ┬áCANN has even been contacted by a couple of sites, asking to include their link in our blog. ┬áHeh…….Why Not!!

Just Jared has an article to check out.

Facebook Video on Showbiz Facebook…e=2&theater

Access Hollywood recap…n_article_58600

Nice interview/article with Adam Carolla…clay-aiken.html

Check this one out!!…_medium=twitter

PARADE MAGAZINE with Clay’s picture!!…ast-reveal.html

I know this is not pleasing to see, but the links are all in one place and hopefully you will have a chance to click on them and see what is being said.


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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – And It Continues

  1. Oh, yes, what a great day. Noticed in some of those articles that there are always people out there that are so jealous of Clay that they have to put hateful comments. They are sad…aren't they? I am enjoying all the publicity. You go Clay.

    • lovinclay, I agree with you. Those hateful comments that I've read is not only sad, I can say disgusting. They don't know Clay the way we do…

  2. It was such a fun day, but boy am I exhausted. Thanks for keeping us up to date all in one place. Sure makes it easier.

  3. I'm so happy for Clay!!! He's getting more attention now and hopefully for some critics who always gives Clay a BAD RAPS will realize that this man is not what they thought, but instead a GOOD GUY. It was indeed a busy day!!! for us Claymates…..Go Clay!!!

  4. If there is this much buzz now, imagine what it will be like once CA airs in Feb.! I'm sure many more people will become fans of Clay once they see him in action.

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