Clay Aiken – Radio Is An Enigma!

I spent a bit of time on Monday trying to identify some AC radio stations.  I know that many of the boards have lists, but it seems just when you think you have an up-to-date list, the station changes it format.

I did read Clay’s last blog and know how important it is to request his new song, Bring Back My Love, on my local AC stations.  That certainly makes sense.  But, beyond my area, I was trying to put together a list that would be available if anyone asked for a station in their area.  Hopefully, with the help of a few friends, the list will be available soon (that’s my soon, not Clay’s).

Radio is certainly an enigma.  Trying to understand the rules and regulations is almost impossible.  I can never understand why the same 20 songs are played over and over and over on every station.  And I certainly don’t understand the roles of the radio promoter, the PD or the MD…thank goodness I don’t have to know that!

I did find it interesting to find out more about the “add date” for a song.  The “add date” is probably the most basic building block of radio airplay.  Everything a radio promoter does when talking to stations centers on the “add date.”  A radio “add date” is supposed to tell stations when to add a record to its play list.

Being added does not necessarily mean your song is being played.  The goal for the first few weeks is to get on the “most added” chart…then, move to the spin charts…According to most sources, a commercial campaign for a single song may last 3 to 12 months depending on the results.

Another bit of information that I thought was important was to really understand radio formats.  Luckily, I found a great site called The New York Radio Guide.  This site is written in a style that is easy to read and, more important, easy to understand.  They wrote the following about radio formats:

What a radio station’s music format sounds like is governed by four parameters: music style, music time period, music activity level, and music sophistication.

Music Style refers strictly to the type of music played, regardless of how the music is packaged for airplay.
Music Time Period refers to the time of the music’s release. “Current” music generally refers to music released within the last year, “Contemporary” music generally refers to music released within the past fifteen or twenty years, “Oldies” generally refers to music released between the mid-50’s and the mid-70’s, and “Nostalgia” refers to music released prior to the mid-50’s.

Music Activity Level is a measure of the music’s dynamic impact, ranging from soft & mellow to loud & hard-driving. Some names of music styles include built-in descriptions of the music’s activity level: “hard rock”, “smooth jazz”.

Music Sophistication is a reflection of whether the musical structure and lyrical content of the music played is simple or complex. Although difficult to quantify, this factor often determines the composition of a station’s audience.  It is also reflected in the presentation of the station`s air staff.

So, we were asked to request Bring Back My Love on AC stations.  The NY Radio Guide defines that format as:

Adult Contemporary (AC):  A station primarily playing popular and rock music released during the past fifteen or twenty years, designed for general listeners rather than for listeners actively interested in hearing current releases.  The playlists of many AC stations will also include a limited selection of older material and current hits.  See Lite ACHot AC, and Rock AC.

Another site defines AC as:

music stations that are aimed at people age 30 years and older. These stations offer lively contemporary music of the past decade or two without cutting edge music, rock or rap music.   Then there is Hot AC, Modern AC, Soft AC, AC-Oldies, and AC-Romantica.

Are you confused yet?

All I know is that I will request Bring Back My Love at the two AC stations in my area and hope that I will hear this great song on my radio!  AND…I will tweet the station if they play the song.

If any of you would like information about an AC station in your area, please let me know in a comment and I will get the most up-to-date information to you.

And…if you hear Clay’s new song on the radio, let us know.  We can all smile together.

If you want more information on radio formats, take a look at the NY RADIO GUIDE. It is an interesting site.

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21 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Radio Is An Enigma!

  1. Excellent! I've emailed a friend of mine at the local ac station in my area and with any luck…I'll be hearing Clay singing soon (again, my soon not his).

  2. Thanks for all the information on the radio stations. I find myself not listening much anymore, because I don't like most of the new music. They all sound the same to me. I have requested a couple of radio A/C stations in my area. ChayFM-Barrie, and CHFI-FM-Toronto. Will check out others. "Bring Back My Love" really needs to be heard. It is such a beautiful song, and so different from today's stuff. I find it so refreshing.

  3. What a lot of research you have done.
    I will be requesting Bring Back My Love on my nearest station.

  4. Hi, I just want to let you know that my favorite AC station here in Long Island, New York,
    is WHLI am (1100). Yesterday, was the first time I heard BBML played on this station and
    I felt so proud and happy to hear it that tears welled up in my eyes! This station is a Clay-
    friendly station and always have nice comments when they spin one of his songs.

    Carol C.
    Wantagh, NY

  5. Now this is a lot of information. I am not a huge radio fan, but I would do anything to help Clay get his beautiful song on the radio.

    It's time for Clay to get some recognition for all his talent. Radio play would be good!

    Thank you for all the work you did to put this article together.

  6. Wow that was some great information you found. I am assuming WRAL is the only AC station for the Raleigh area. Not holding my breath.

  7. Wow. Thanks for all that info and research it took! I would like to request here in Grand Haven MI near Grand Rapids MI. I appreciate any help.

  8. Thank you musicfan to this information!! I listen to radio a lot and would love to hear the song…but wonder if it makes it's way here in Canada.

    If it gets played here I will be so happy to request the song. Would be so nice if people could hear his beautiful voice all over the radios.

  9. Thanks for all your research, its really appreciated. I'm not sure which would be the correct
    stations in the Phoenix, AZ. area to contact. I don't want to say how long its been since I've
    listened to FM radio but long enough that I'm totally out of touch as to which to contact. Any info
    you have would be appreciated.

  10. I rarely listen to commercial AC radio because they have such a small playlist of current songs that they do play over and over. I've been listening to the stations that have already played BBML, however, in the hopes of hearing it.

  11. I am always amazed at your research. I am in the Orlando, Florida area fior the winter and Chicago area summers, Can you tell me an AC station in both areas? Allso doesn't the single hit the stores on Jan.20 and do you know what stores will carry it? Everyone should have a copy of this truley wonderful song. It is by far his best. His voice is stuning.

  12. I am late getting on here as I have had a glitch with the computer – changed browser and "all is well"
    now I am hoping this song gets radio play for sure – it is too beautiful along with Clay's fantastic voice not to be heard by all possible!!!

  13. I live here in Daytona Beach, Fl. and I send in a Media Form that shows everyone on their playlist and at the bottom there is a form to request a song not on the list. I send this in once a week. At last count he wasn't on there list…and they didn't play him..but, I have hopes that they will. They do play him at Christmas.

    But, I am very excited because I heard BBML today on WHMI in Long Island, N.Y. He sounded very good. So nice to hear him on the radio.^_^

  14. 1980's Balladeer, Richard Marx (Right Here Waiting, Hold On to the Nights) recently said "The Ballad on popular radio is pretty much dead. But it always comes back. You've just got to look harder." I think we can all vouch for that! Let's hope that Clay gets a chance to prove otherwise.

  15. One station in my area was very good about playing OMWH back in 2008 and yesterday they played Invisible, so I sent them an email requesting BBML. Crossing my fingers–if they play it, it will show up on

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