Clay Aiken – Drop Dead Gorgeous

Sunday night has become the best night of the week.  We get to watch Clay Aiken on Celebrity Apprentice!  For me the enjoyment comes in three packages. First there is the anticipation of the show.  Next, the show itself and lastly the after-show discussion!  Yes, Sunday night is really fun.

It was fun to see episode 2 of Celebrity Apprentice.  It was fun to see all of the stars working at Medieval Times.  It was hard work, but the end result was lots of fun.

Today, I am sharing some wonderful pictures of the show and a few quotes from fans about the show.  A huge thank you to Gerwhisp and lindylo who shared these great pictures with the fans.  I hope you know how much it is appreciated.

Clay was drop dead gorgeous tonight !

The real Clay Aiken has arrived!

 I wish we could have seen the entire 15 minute men’s show.

 I thought this was a very good episode. Can’t wait for next week.

Lots of awesome Clay close-ups tonight

Clay is doing an awesome job.

What part of the show did you enjoy the most?

Did you think that Victoria Gotti was the right person to go home?


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  1. I loved watching TCA and every little bit of Clay! He did a great job as usual!! The personalities are
    definitely beginning to show – some in a CRRRAAZZEEE WAY!!!! I wasn't upset that Victoria was
    fired!! Loved the men winning for the second time. The pics that are posted are great!

  2. Drop-dead gorgeous Clay was really "steadfast" in the boardroom last night! I enjoyed seeing that! It was disappointing that we only got to see a few seconds of Clay singing, though. As far as who should have been sent home last night, I kind of agree it should have been Victoria, but I would rather it had been Lisa, because I think Victoria's days would have been numbered anyway. Lisa's management style contributed to the discord on the women's team. I could totally sympathize with Victoria's feelings of being pushed out, and I think Lisa did it on purpose. She could have asked for a volunteer, or let the lighting and sound people go by the script alone, which they could easily have done. I also thought Lisa was wrong to berate Victoria for the Med-Evil spelling instead of gently correcting her. I wonder if anyone disagrees with me on that point.

    But all in all, I loved getting to see "teacher Clay" during the dress rehearsal, and all the wonderful camera shots of him throughout the program. And I was proud that he wrote the script, too!

  3. I loved it all. I adore the way Clay is such a team player. Heck, right now, all the men are and it's extremely impressive. I'm sure it won't last but it's good for now. BTW…did I mention that Mr Clay Aiken was hotter than who'd-a-thunk-it last night?!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    • Hi Mo, I couldn't agree with you more about Clay. He is sooo! hot and gorgeous!! He did a good job in writing that script. I loved this Ep2 cuz there's a lot of snap shots of him in between takes.
      I'm so happy for the team Unanimous.


  4. Such a great show last night. I’m so happy for Clay and team Unanimous. I can’t wait for next Sunday. :). Thanks for the fantastic pictures!

  5. I loved the show but was sad they cut Clay's song out. I would like to know what he sang and Iwant to hear him sing again!

  6. Did anyone besides me think "deja vu" last night ( SPAMALOT )??? I would have liked to hear more of Clay's song, as well! Love that he wrote the script! Victoria Gotti was on the Wendy Williams show this morning & made a nice comment, I think?, re Clay (his pic in costume for the medieval episode 2 theme was flashed on the screen behind Wendy & Victoria). I think Clay is playing it cool in these early episodes, making friends, doing his share, not making waves or enemies. I think he will become more agressive as the show progresses, (sort of a dark horse player???) Ho, & yes!!! He was DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  7. iliked that the men won again and iloved watching clay singing he sounded amazing as usual
    lou was great and george was great i was sorry that the twisted sister guy got hurt and its amazing that clay wrote the script good midevial and may i say clay was drop dead goregeous

  8. I really enjoyed the show last night. It was nice to see that the men won again. But, they deserved to win. They did a great job. That was my favorite part when they performed…I loved seeing Clay singing again. Wish it was longer.

    I was very glad to see Victoria get fired. She didn't seem to want to cooperate with anyone since the very beginning. Yes….Clay was looking drop dead gorgeous. How about those pics of him for next week? O.M.G. How handsome can you get? I'll be right there for that episode.

  9. OOOO…. Yes it was time for (V. GOTTI ) that SNOB to go . Clay is like allways smart and very aware of his surrounding , to know when to step in and when to step back
    Rita /Jaxv.Fl.

  10. I loved the men's show. Clay did remind of the Spamalot days in his costume. The women's team was a mess. I did not think Lisa did a good job of project manager. I think being a little nicer would have helped her rather than hinder her. With the way Victoria has acted in the first 2 episodes I was not surprised she was sent home.

  11. Gorgeous pictures of Clay! The women have me pulling my hair out especially Lisa L..She is nasty and arrogant.. Gotti made excuses it was time for her to go!! Hope Lisa is next or I might end up with a ulcer.

  12. Every single one of the pictures is beautiful. It really is fun to see Clay on TV, but can we have more of the guys and cut out most of the women. That Lisa L is horrible. I am not a prude, but she pushes my limit.

    So….less than a week and we see Clay again!!

    Thanks for putting all of this together. You always come through for us!!

  13. Victoria was the right person to be fired. I loved Clay singing plus everything else he did in the episode.

  14. I loved every minute of the show yesterday…..specially when it was Clay time.

    I can’t wait again for next episode. GO CLAY GO!!!!

  15. Is there a video posted of him singing at Medieval Times? I missed it and while I read it's short…it's still Clay!

    • I do have the video for the full episode posted on our Celebrity Apprentice page. Just click on the menu button at the top of the page.

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