Clay Aiken – “And The Beat Goes On..”

And the Beat Goes On and On and On…

Well, in the case of Clay Aiken…the News Goes On and On and On!!!

This will be a quick post today as I am leaving for an extended week-end in Southern California. What a time to be out of town. There is so much Clay news out there.

KTLA, a popular TV station in Los Angeles , ran a great interview with George Takei. He talks about many things, including his stint on Celebrity Apprentice. It is a very interesting interview. There is no mention of Clay Aiken, but it is a good picture of the “real” George. You can see the video at: KTLA

Starry Constellation also published an interview with George…the following are the Clay Aiken mentions:

Q) George, last week when you were on the show and you were being the announcer for the medieval show they kind of presented you as a little bit incompetent about reading which seems to contradict who you really are. Do you feel that was a fair portrait of you on – for that show or do you think that was a little bit misleading about how competent you were?

George: Well, you know, I’m an actor and we actors when we’re in front of an audience don’t like to have the script with us. So I tried to get the flow – the very gist of what I’m supposed to do up there. But of course there’s that other thing of having to give cues to the people in the light booth. And so when I was kind of improvising along the outlines of the script the people in the booth were finding it difficult to get – find their cues. So Clay, dear Clay, he made a big thing out of that and he went on and on. Clay tends to be a little bit of a chatterbox critic. And so that got played up a little bit bigger than it really was. I decided all right, the time is limited; we won’t have enough time to memorize so I will read it. And I’ll read it like a medieval herald. So what we did was we scotch-taped all the pages of the script together and made it into a scroll and made the herald reading off of an ancient scroll.

You can read the entire interview at StarryConstellation

The following are some screen caps from Thursday…Many thanks to Cotton at CV for all the wonderful screen caps. These quick moments are a real treat. Thank you for sharing them with the Clay-Nation.

Entertainment Tonight ran a great video about the up-coming episode of Celebrity Apprentice. It looks like George is is the Project Manager for the mens team this week. It is a real fun video. Please check it out !! The link is EntertainmentTonight

The following are some great screen caps from Cotton!!

From Out Magazine…Clay came in at the 5th position of the Top 100 MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELORS:

Who is the gay man that most people would want to date?

Although the list contained billionaires and fashion moguls, it turns out that the power of TV still trumps it all. For the past week we’ve asked our readers to sort through our list of the 100 Most Eligible Gay Bachelors (view the SLIDESHOW here) and vote for the men they most wanted to date.

Yes, it churned up some controversy (like what actually constitutes a BACHELOR these days when same-sex marriage is legal in some states but not others) and spawned a few Twitter campaigns. Fans—both male and female—came out in droves and voted Glee’s heartthrob Chris Colfer as our No. 1 bachelor of desire in our second annual poll. “He’ gorgeous inside and out!” one reader proclaimed.

“As the mom of a gay teen who looks up to Chris Colfer as a role model, I can’t express enough how thankful I am for him. I would love to have a son-in-law of his caliber someday, to match with my equally amazing son. Chris is number one in our home, and we look forward to following his career,” wrote another.

1. Chris Colfer

2. Zachary Quinto
3. Nick Adams
4. Christopher Rice
5. Clay Aiken
6. Joe Carozza
7. Jay Brannan
8. Randy Harrison
9. Luke Macfarlane
10. Tom Lenk

To see the entire list of Bachelors, visit OUT

Entertainment Weekly – Music Mix has an article titled :

American Idol’ roundup: New music from Kris Allen, Jordin Sparks, Haley Reinhart, and more!

In typical ET way, Clay is in the “and more” section. The article talks about the new singles that are coming out from former American Idol contestants. This is a great place to add a comment to let the site and author know that Clay has LOTS of fans who really support him and his music. It only takes a minute, so throw in a comment!! You can reach the site HERE

Will you be watching Episode 3 on Sunday Night or are you unable to see it live?


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  1. Wow! You've done it again!!! Thank you so much for this. The interview is adorable…I love it "I'm happy all the time!" LOL Not crazy about the gingham but hey, that's jmo…you know, noses and armpits! LOL

  2. Thank you for all the information and links and photos! Yes. I will be able to watch CApp live. Wouldnt miss it for anything.

  3. Thanks for all the info and the photos.
    Yes – I will be watching Episode 3. Wouldn't miss it!

    Take care on your trip.

  4. Great articles as usual. I think George just might be the first Project Manager to get fired. Love his speaking voice. Thanks for the screen shots. Safe travels this weekend. I will be thinking of you.

  5. Lots of reading this morning…thank you for all of this. Love the pics…as always. I will definitely be watching CApp Sunday nite. I can't wait.

  6. Thanks for taking time to post. Have a wonderful weekend. I will tape C.A. so I can fastforward all the commercials and especially the 2nd hour of the show.

  7. I'm just so happy to read all the nice comments about Clay. And yes, I left a comment ( on listening to Bring Back My Love, the 10th time today 😀 )

  8. George was sure right about Clay being a chatterbox. I see Clay had another what was he thinking moment with his hair. LOL He looks great in that shirt and tie though.

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