Clay Aiken – Savor Each Moment!



Dear Clay,

I want to take a moment to tell you how proud I am of all you have accomplished in the last eight months on Celebrity Apprentice.  You attacked each task with enthusiasm, hard work, humor and patience.  Even in the most stressful times, you led the other team members by being respectful and allowing each contestant a time to shine.

And now, here you are…gearing up for an important moment in your life.  In these last few days before the finale, I would imagine that you are very busy with meetings, interviews, rehearsals, and many other tasks we can’t even imagine.

But…please…savor each moment.  Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime celebration.  Don’t let the stress of the moment get in the way of reveling in your accomplishments.

And remember…you have thousands of people who are already celebrating your achievements on Celebrity Apprentice.  You make us proud whatever the outcome!

Now, lets have a party on Sunday night.  It’s time for your confetti moment!


The following pictures were taken on Tuesday in New York!  


To my readers, I hope you will leave a comment for Clay.  Lets give him a great send-off!!



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35 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Savor Each Moment!

  1. Congratulations, Clay! I am so proud of what you have already done on the show. It is wonderful that the National Inclusion Project is getting so much attention.

    Whatever happens on Sunday, you have won in my heart!

    • Yes, congratulations Clay! and Rally, i agree with everything you said, I really think he will win, but even if he doesn't to me he's still the winner and i admire him for all his work in all his different causes, great guy! God bless, and thanks musicfan for posting all articles.

  2. Congratulations Clay. You have done so well and we are so proud of you. You have shown humor, intelligence, kindness and how much you care about inclusion for all. We’ll be watching on the edge of our seats Sunday. Good luck! 🙂

  3. I think you will win Sunday, if it had not been for you I would not have watched the show…I am an artist and nobody is going to take a chance on someone they have never seen your work to just approve it……

  4. Yes…time to party! We will be celebrating Clay's WIN as the final event at Fan Fest! There is a group of fans who will be joining in a CA Viewing Party Sunday night! We will get to watch on a big screen TV!!! We will rock that Hotel at 11PM with celebrations!!! He just needs to come in first place this time!! Fingers and toes are crossed!!
    What ever the outcome we will all be proud of you Clay! Good Luck….Cookie

    • I hope you all have a wonderful time at the Fanfest!! Clay is lucky to count you as one of his fans!!

  5. Best of luck to Clay Aiken, and congratulatio for getting so far on celebrity apprentice, I am pulling for you to win.<3

  6. Congratulation Clay. As a fan I am proud of the work you do for others. Oh I love your music as well so keep singing.

  7. Dear Clay, No matter what happens you are still our winner…*Always and Forever!!* Go get em tiger! 😉

  8. GO CLAY GO!!! You have earned this! Congrats on how far you've gotten on Celebrity Apprentice, now let's bring the win in for National Inclusion Project!!!

  9. Best Wishes, Clay, for a win on Sunday. The future looks bright for the National Inclusion Project! No matter what happens, you did a great job!

  10. Dear Clay Aiken,

    WIN IT and WIN IT BIG!! No pressure. ;P
    Here's to the NATIONAL INCLUSION PROJECT and its creators and changing kids' lives.
    Lots of LOVE and huge waves of WINNING vibe your way.

    How awesome(x100) you are to have gone on 2 reality shows and make it to the finale? Reality TV History in the making, HOLLA!


  11. Clay –

    I couldn't be prouder of the way you represented yourself and the National Inclusion Project throughout the run of the show. You played the game with intensity yet sensitivity, and did your best on every task. You clearly shone as a team player who brought something valuable to each challenge. And, in the end, when the entire task came down to you alone, you more than proved your mettle with a final task that was an absolute masterpiece – marrying the mission of the NIP with fun, diversity in music and the chance for ALL to participate! Well done, Mr. Apprentice!!!

  12. clay aiken i am so verry pround of ya and the way that ya that ya represented your self and the natinial inclushion progect through out the run of the show and the way that you have handeled your emotions and you did your best at every taksk the mr donald trump gave you i pray clay that you win you had me at thedres a light in americian idol you amazed me then and ya still amaze me now you have made it to the end the finale you have gon on ta 2 reality shows americian idol and now celebrity aprentice good luck clay and evin if you dont win this youll still be my americian idol to me always

  13. With all of his fans rooting for Clay, maybe it will give him just what he needs to win C.A. on Sun. He has the talent, smarts and charm to carry him thru. I caught the last half of The View this morning. I loved what Arsenio said about Clay…Clay is like Sara Lee, nobody doesn’t like Clay Aiken!

  14. Clay- I am so proud of you! You have acted with dignity and respect for others throughout TCA. I am so glad that the National Inclusion Project is getting the recognition also! Go Clay!

  15. Such a fan now and 10 years ago. Iwish you all that you are hoping for Sunday… deserve the win! The perfect ending would be for you to sing "This is the moment" since it sums up what this was all about for you. Good luck Clay.

  16. Thanks Clay for being who you are! I'm so proud to be a fan of yours! You have done an extremely well job on Celebrity Apprentice! You are a class act filled with intergity, dignity and love for all! Here's to the win for you and the National Inclusion Project! Go Clay and team!

  17. Go for the win, Clay!! You have done an incredible job on CApp. Good luck Clay and National Inclusion Project!

  18. Clay – you've done your mama proud. You've done your fans proud. And you've done yourself proud. No matter the outcome on Sunday night, you will ALWAYS be a winner. I am so happy for you and, yes, PROUD of you too. You've come a long way, baby, and the best is yet to come!

    Wishing you good luck and lots of love on Sunday and always.

  19. Clay, I'm so proud of you and your Celebrity Apprentice journey. I was so glad I could be a part of this journey with my small donation. You so deserve to win this thing. I can't wait for Sunday night, but I'll be sad when it's over.

  20. Clay…you have been an fabulous contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. You have worked hard, treated others with respect and shown enthusiasm about each task.

    I look forward to watching the finale on Sunday. Whatever happens, you have already won!

  21. Clay,
    I think at the end it's not about winning or losing but having an opportunity to let a wide audience know you and having support for the NIP is what matters. Hope you win this time. You've shown to millions of viewers how beautiful, caring and respectful you are.
    Fans from thousands of miles away are keeping fingers crossed too! 😀

  22. Congratulations Clay, you are already a winner. I'm so proud of you, your heart is just as beautiful as your voice. I whish that I could explain how much you have done for me, how much you have changed my live.
    With all my love
    Kristbjörg, Iceland

  23. Clay, you played the game with class and integrity………and that makes you a winner! I am so proud of you! Good luck on Sunday!

  24. I wish I could just sleep till Sunday night, but that is stupid, so I will clean my house and watch some tv, and wish you the best, I think you will win but even second is not a bad place as you well know….I want to see and hear so much more from you ..your talent is over the top, I hope your fans make up a little bit for how your birth father hurt you so bad…….

  25. I'm a little late here but none the less I am praying for you Clay – just have a feeling "this one" is yours!
    You certainly deserve the win and so does your "heart's desire" – – The National Inclusion Project"!
    We will all cheer you on – but you are already a winner in my heart – always and forever!
    Can you feel "the love" ? Can you hear the "Celebration? We are all cheering you on!! Bless you!

  26. I couldn't be more proud of you if you were my own son. You have handled yourself with grace and integrity though out this process. Look at the recognition it has already brought to NIP. I just feel that no matter what happens doors of opportunity are going to be opened. They'll probably be beating the doors down just to have you be a part of whatever comes your way. You deserve this, we love you and can't wait to celebrate your win. I'll always be a fan no matter what happens. Good luck and God bless you.

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