Clay Aiken – “The Right Side of History”

Thursday was a busy day for Clay Aiken.  He had the opportunity to speak on two different TV shows about  same-sex marriage.

In the early evening, Clay paid a visit to Ed Schultz, to discuss President Barack Obama‘s gay marriage announcement.

The Internet site, Media-ite wrote about Clay’s visit:

Aiken said the president’s support has an “incredible impact” — specifically to young LGBT people who will be empowered by hearing their president speak out for their rights. The president’s stepping out on “the right side of history” is particularly notable, he said, because of his stature as such a prominent figure.

Pivoting to today’s story about Mitt Romney’s reported high school anti-gay bullying incident, Aiken responded that it’s “heartbreaking” and “a little frightening” — coming from someone who has been bullied. Romney’s apology, he said, was “disheartening” because it “was sort of half-assed, if you will.”

On a more political note, Aiken noted the contrast between the two choices in November. They have starkly different records on LGBT rights, he said, and Obama is the most accepting president we’ve had.

Clay did a great job.  He was articulate, knowledgeable, and heartfelt as he talked about a topic so important to him

Clay also appeared on the show, ShowBiz Tonight.  The following is from the ShowBiz site:

Clay Aiken is ecstatic over President Obama’s recent decision to publicly support gay marriage. Showbiz Tonight spoke to the openly-gay singer about comments made by Bristol Palin on her blog criticizing Obama for his gay-marriage bombshell. Plain writes, ‘While it’s great to listen to your kids’ ideas, there’s also a time when dads simply need to be dads. In this case, it would’ve been helpful for him to explain to Malia and Sasha that while her friends parents are no doubt lovely people, that’s not a reason to change thousands of years of thinking about marriage.’ Aiken doesn’t believe Palin will be affected by his marriage to another male and that he should be afforded the same rights as everybody else. The ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ contestant has a new album, Steadfast, available now.

Clay was dressed a bit more casual for this show, but still looked professional.  He did an amazing job of talking about the topic and had a lot of screen-time.

Will there be more interviews tomorrow?

Do you think Clay is doing a good job as a spokesperson for gay-marriage?

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “The Right Side of History”

  1. Oh HELL yes he is doing a GREAT job as a spokesperson for gay-marriage. I've always supported marriage between two people who love each other. Everybody should have the same rights when it comes to hospital visitation, health insurance, EVERYBODY! What a great opportunity for Clay to be a part of this. He DOES make a difference, doesn't he? Love him!

  2. Clay is doing a fantastic job! He is so well spoken, and gets his points across. I have never heard of the Ed Show before. I loved how he let Clay speak, without being interrupted all the time. Clay is not afraid to voice his opinion, because he has back-up for his opinions. I am loving all of this media coverage. He is truly in his element talking politics, and human rights. Go Clay!!!!!

  3. Clay is so knowledgeable and articulate. I think this is a side that a lot of people had not seen before. I loved the tweet from the service man who was on The Ed show with him. He apparently felt he could not speak freely because he is in the services.

    Steve Hill ‏ @cmftblynu

    Nice job tonight on MSNBC. I could not talk badly about Mit Romney, but you covered me…@clayaiken

    • Thanks for sharing this, Diane; great to see! Steve made it pretty clear that he was kinda constrained, tho he's well spoken. Very nice of him to send Clay such a supportive tweet, and Clay deserved it, he did well.

  4. I couldn't be prouder of our man Clay! He is just so knowledgeable and articulate and professionaI. I love that the world is getting to see who Clay really is and the kind of man we have come to know and love.


  5. It is wonderful to see Clay getting the respect that he deserves. He is so intelligent and passionate.

    Thank you for all the information you have given us this week. I think you have been busy!!

    AND…Sunday is just around the corner!

  6. Excellent treatise on value of celeb app show!!

    The Celebrity Apprentice: TV's Lone Voice Trumpeting Business

    "I am out of the closet. I love Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. Every Sunday night my wife and I share the joy of its real-life drama, creativity and problem solving in a business setting. The Apprentice may lack the elitism associated with Masterpiece Theater, the raw sexuality of Jersey […]

  7. I am so proud of Clay appearing on so many shows regarding his views on gay marriage and equal rights for all. I am looking forward to other programs that he is scheduled to be on. I am not surprised by this at all. Clay has always been articulate and and excellent speaker on many causes.

  8. I am so proud of Clay and the job he is doing as a spokesperson for gay rights and gay marriage. He also did a great job explaining the many effects of Amendment One aside from the gay issue. I am glad he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. In addition to his awesome talents as a singer and performer, America is really now getting to see how intelligent and articulate he really is. He's doing such a great job on Celebrity Apprentice, I really expect to see him win! I also look forward to seeing him continue to speak out for what he believes in and what is right in the future. I know I will be listening to every single thing he has to say. Good job Clay in all that you do!

  9. Clay is doing an excellent job; level-headed, well-spoken, knowledgeable about the subject, our history, and the actions of our politicians. And he stayed objective, pointing out the disadvantages for all folks in non-traditional unions, not just gays; that marriage between any two consenting adults should not be legislated; and that to deny this basic civil right (i.e., "…the pursuit of happiness") to any group of citizens is in violation of our Constitution. I'm very impressed, and proud of being a Clay fan!! (And I agree that Bristol Palin is a poor choice as a spokes-person for "traditional" marriage — what was Showbiz thinking?)

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