Clay Aiken – Busy July

It’s the middle of the month of July…it’s the month of:

  • Hot Sultry Weather
  • Independence Day Celebrations
  • Beach Vacations

July has been an exciting time to see Clay Aiken.  He has appeared on many TV shows.  Who could forget his summer concert shows for Good Morning America or his appearances on the CBS Early Show and The View.  Clay also sang in Washington DC, appeared on The Songwriters Hall of Fame, and was on a panel at the Outfest in Hollywood.

But, think about it…in the last nine years, Clay has been on tour during July five times!  Yes…July has been a busy month for Clay!

So, let’s have a small poll.  The following pictures are from some of Clay’s July appearances.

Which picture is your favorite?

#1 - July - 2004 - Solo Tour

#2 - July - 2004 - Early Show

#3 - July - Jukebox Tour - 2005

#4 - July - Soft Rock/Hard Place - 2007

#5 - July - Timeless Tour - 2010

#6 - July - The View - 2010

#7 - July - Outfest - 2011



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18 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Busy July

  1. Oh man! How can I choose??? He is gorgeous in every single one! This is so hard!!! Can't do it! I vote for all of them lol!

  2. Well let's see – I've pared down my choices to: #1 in which Clay is wearing my still favorite casual shirt/tie – #2 in which Clay is feeling the song and doing the clutch/tug – and # 7 in which serious Clay is shown with his beautiful profile and lush hair. Since they are all poignant for me in their own way, it ended up being a 3-way tie.

  3. I love them all. I remember the first time I saw each one and at that time that one was my favorite.
    He has a different look in each, so each is first in each look. 😉

  4. I picked number 6 even though he couldn't get a work in edgewise on that show.
    Loved his hair, but the best part was seeing the interview that had been done before the show where he was having his hair put in rollers. What a good sport he is–so much fun.

  5. Love all the pictures. Each one has a memory with it!! I like #4 and 5…they are just special!!

    Thanks for putting these together!!

  6. For the first time in my life – I DON'T WANT TO vote for Clay and you CAN'T MAKE ME! Number 1 – The boy or Number 5 – The man? It's not a fair contest. Both make me happy and proud; can't decide. I could eliminate a couple from the primary election but please don't ask me to choose one clear winner. I just can't do it! :S

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