Clay Aiken – An Improv Star!


I used think of April 15th as Income Tax Day.  But, now I have a more exciting event to remember and it changes my outlook of the day.  On April 15, 2012, it was the 9th episode of Celebrity Apprentice and Clay Aiken showed off his skill as a puppeteer.

The task for the week was fun.  The teams had to design two original puppets and then perform in front of a live, adult audience.  They worked with Henson’s Alternative’s Improvisational Troupe called “Stuffed and Unstrung”.

This was the first time that Clay was on a new team.  To equal out the teams, he was moved to team Forte.  The project managers for this task were:

  1. Unanimous – Paul Teutul, Sr.
  2. Forte – Lisa Lampanelli

The evening was filled with the typical Celebrity Apprentice back-stabbing, insults, shouting, and tears.  However, Clay out-shone all the others as he proved that his improvisational skills were amazingly good and his ability to use different voices was outstanding. It was not a surprise when Team –Forte was declared the winner of the 9th episode.

The final results of Celebrity Apprentice were so disappointing and difficult to understand.  For that reason, I am only just now beginning to remember all the wonderful things that we saw because Clay was on the show.  Certainly, the Puppet Episode is one of the best!

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – An Improv Star!

  1. You're so right musicfan, the end result of the show was so disappointing, but MAN was it fun during it! Thanks SueReu for putting the montage together, I was laughing my butt off! Clay did a great job!

  2. That was a great montage by Suereu. Clay was clearly the best one at the improv. I loved reading when the Stuffed and Unstrung came close to Clay's home, that he joined them on stage a few months ago. I think he really enjoyed it, plus being good at it sure helps.

    I think we were all disappointed in the end result of CApp, but we do have the episodes to re-live and watching Clay on each one is great. He was clearly the sharpest person on that show.

  3. What a great video! Thank you for a fun reminder. I miss seeing Clay on tv every week. He truly is just a great entertainer.

  4. Love the video, Clay was great, still baffled because he didn't win but in my books he did. Thanks musicfan and suerue.

  5. Team Forte's puppet show performance was outstanding. Clay and Lisa certainly knew how to work those puppets. They were funny, witty, imaginative, and only a little bit blue. On the other hand, let's just say that the Unanimous team's performance had a lot of cringe-making moments. The professional puppeteers really had their work cut out for them at trying to keep that act on track. Love that montage video by SueRue.

    On another note, I think most viewers were of the opinion that the apparent preordained end to the CApp show was not only disappointing, it was terribly unjust.

  6. Clay was absolutely amazing with those puppets! his voices were hilarious, even the Asian turned British accent turned into comedy gold. He and Lisa worked so well together. Thanks for using the video I put together!

  7. omg clay was great with the puppets his voices were funny clay and lisa worked so well together but im still angry and upset about clay not winning he should have won and not arsinoooooooo hall

  8. Loved watching that again. Clay was just great with the puppets. Both Clay and Lisa worked very well together. They had everyone in the audience in stitches..including me. I believe the puppet people asked Clay to perform with them. I think they loved him. The disappointing, (and very very wrong ending)sure did not ring true to me. But, one thing I went away with..was that I will never watch another Realty Show again. Well, I do have to take that back..only if Clay is on a Realty Show will I watch another one. But, I hope he stays away from them too. Thanks for that great montage Suereu!!

  9. Clay was so good at the puppet challenge. He was quick on his feet with the words and loved the different voices!!

    I also cannot understand why Clay didn't win. It made NO sense. However, I am glad that Clay was on the show because I got to see him every week!!

    Thanks for posting this!!

  10. I'm still so disappointed that Clay didn't get the win he deserved and I think I know what Trump was thinking. i'm sure it was political and that's just not right but that's the way it turned out.
    How wonderful we were able to see Clay on our TVs for all those weeks. I treasure each appearance. It was a great gift to us.
    Thanks so much Musicfan for all you do and thanks to you SueReu.

    • I agree with you all the way. I can not stand trump he just wanted to look like he liked blacks and gays

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