Clay Aiken – The Fans Are Lucky

The Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, MS, was the site of the final Timeless Tour concert starring Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard. How appropriate that the final song was Time of My Life as it was obvious that both the musicians and the audience had a great evening.

The end of a tour is always filled with much emotion. The Timeless Tour was no exception. Each musician on the stage was a part of the family and they must have felt happy, excited and proud of their accomplishments. But, they must have also felt exhausted and ready to get some much-needed rest.

The fans are lucky. They can relive each concert, thanks to the many people who share their expertise in camera work. Each one who shared their talent with us deserves a standing ovation.

We have so many memories from Biloxi. The following are only a few of the videos and pictures that are available.

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Fans Are Lucky

  1. The "Timeless Tour" was so much fun!! Thank you for all of these wonderful pictures and video –
    never get tired of them! Clay and Ruben really are great together – They play so well off of each other.
    Their friendship is a blessing to them and to us.

  2. I was there at the Biloxi concert. What a NIGHT! They certainly have a wonderful friendship. I'm looking forward to the gala when Ruben will once again be on stage with Clay. Thanks musicfan for the wonderful pictures and video's.. It was outstanding!!!

  3. The Timeless Tour as a lot of fun. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for the videos and pictures from that tour Musicfan. Hopefully, Clay and Ruben will tour again. It was like a mini JukeBox Tour…so Entertaining!!!

  4. Golly, I only wish I'd known who he was then! I had no idea….so sad now. Anyway, thank you to the wonderful fans who are so talented with their cameras and video cameras as well. We are the lucky recipients of your benevolence! 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed those video's. The Timeless Tour was so much fun that I wouldn't mind them touring together again some time. Saw it at the King Center in Melbourne, Florida. Really had a blast.

  6. Thanks for posting another great experience relived again. Those are some beautiful photos and super videos from the Timeless Tour. The clack gatherers sure know how to capture the best moments. Of course, Clay and Ruben, along with their cohorts, gave very entertaining and fantastic performances for those experts to film. Yes, we are very lucky to have the clack, so a big thanks and applause to all the contributors.

  7. Thank you Musicfan – this is the concert that I missed (an arrow to the heart) especially since it came through Wisconsin! I am VERY grateful for all the clack about this tour. And did I see stripped socks? LOL.

  8. The "Timeless Tour" was my first and only concerts that I saw Clay 2 times. It was so much fun. Thank you for all the beautiful pictures and the video .

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