Clay Aiken – A Celebrity Hangout With A Picket Fence

The Ivy Restaurant is a well known eatery in the heart of  Los  Angeles. It seems that it is THE  spot to be seen in Hollywood.  The Ivy is a warm looking restaurant with a famous white-picket fence with ivy growing on the outside. Many celebrities sit outside on the patio while paparazzi snap away.

The Ivy serves nouvelle American cuisine and it is housed in a cottage-like building.  It is famous for its beautiful decorated outdoor terrace.

Right after the end of American Idol, Season 2, Clay Aiken had lunch at The Ivy.  He arrived in his brand new Volvo and was over-whelmed by all the paparazzi.   Clay said in some interviews that they almost caused him to be in an automobile accident.  What a way to be introduced to Hollywood!

The following pictures tell the story.

Old Pictures, but fun to see!

Just like you, I am waiting and waiting for more news from Clay.  Please know that I will post any new information when it is available.

Come on, Clay…we need to know if you have announced all your Holiday Concerts…or will there be a few more!!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Celebrity Hangout With A Picket Fence

  1. I haven’t seen those pictures before. Love them. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for all you do to keep us updated on everything Clay. 🙂

  2. Wow, I never saw these photos before (except for 1). Cute as cute can be!
    Indeed a rude awakening for Clay of life as a celebrity. I'm not so sure this
    lifestyle is what Clay really wants….

  3. omg clay almost in a car accident that would have verry upsetting and tragic i have never seen thes pics before thanks for shing them with me thank you for all that you do to keep me updated on everything clay aiken

  4. This was new to me and what a cutie! Is that Kim Loche too? Thank you very very much. Talk about timing – I was just scanning my Clay Aiken Scrapbook from 2003-2006 into the computer this morning. It came back out of the closet when I did in 2012 after TCA. My whole day has been about pictures from the past. Happy Happy Day! Thank you musicfan.

  5. I so remember that day. It was in 2003 or 4 and the article was in the People Magazine with an article. Clay said "I don't think I made such a good decision buying a convertible, those Papparazzi sure can get to me." I don't remember him ever using that car again. Lol! I used to buy every magazine that had anything in it about matter how small. I still have all those magazines..I'll have to look through them again.

  6. I had never seen these photos before. The girl does look like Kim Locke. Isn't the Ivy where Clay did his Rolling Stone interview? No wonder Clay doesn't want to live in LA. Raleigh suits him much better, especially for Parker.

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