Clay Aiken – A Grabatologist

One of the many things I enjoyed as I watched Clay Aiken on Celebrity Apprentice was the fabulous ties that he wore.  Each week he would wear another beautiful tie as part of an amazing ensemble.

While thinking about ties, I found a few interesting facts from a site called DQT:

Tie Colors

  1. Black indicates elegance and class.
  2. Red signifies leadership, passion, strength, and power.
  3. If you wear a blue you are probably a calm person.
  4. Green ties indicate wealth, money, and growth.
  5. A yellow tie symbolizes cowardice or radiance and vitality.
  6. If you are boring, wear a brown tie!


The stripes on British men’s ties basically run from top left to bottom right which is exactly the opposite of the stripes on American ties. Stripes are powerful and you have to give it a try to prove it.

Silk Ties

Silk is one of the most preferred materials in making ties. As a matter of fact, it takes around 110 silkworm cocoons just to produce a good quality silk tie.

SO…….the following pictures show some of the wonderful ties wore on the show.  Do you have a favorite?

#1 What does purple mean?

#2 Pink stripes!

#3 - Nice Pattern

#4 - So not boring!

#5 - Blue stripes

#6 - Yellow, but he doesn't look scared!

#7 - Powerful Red

#8 - Shocking Pink!!


 I hope I posted your favorite!!  Which one do you like?

**Grabatologist = a man who collects ties

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Grabatologist

  1. Lol, Ay with his ties and socks! I like them all of course but I think 4 is my favorite. Love teal blue.

  2. My favorite dolor is purple, so I do like this one a lot. However I do like the yellow and he is not a coward!

  3. Oh mah goodness!! I never noticed all those gorgeous ties musicfan!! Beautiful!! Thanks for showing them to us!! He is stunning in each and every shot!!

  4. As usual – cannot pick a favorite – whatever Clay wears is going to look extremely handsome!!! Just
    exactly what he is!! 🙂

  5. He is just gorgeous in every one of these pictures…but, I am kind of partial to the red tie #7. But, I have to admit I adore #8 the shocking pink tie…because..Wow! Look at that profile. LOL!!

  6. Generally, I seem to favor ties with a design or stripes in them. The beautiful #2 pink stripe tie looks really good with Clay's suit and shirt. The #7 powerful deep red one is a great serious color on him. I also love how the gorgeous colorful stripes of the #4 tie co-ordinate with his bright blue shirt. But….. even though it's a solid color, the tie that I think looks best with Clay's natural skin tone, and *boldly* says pay attention, is the #4 yellow one, which is the tie I choose as my favorite.

    By the way, I believe I read that the color purple denotes royalty. I agree with that assessment for Clay, as far as the music business is concerned anyway.

  7. Number 2 and 8 are my favourites but lets face it tie or no tie hes always going to look gorgeous .. hes a little beaut…xxxxx

  8. so hard to choose a favorite! love 2,8,4,6 ,1,and5I have never disliked anything Clay has on.he really should have his own clothing line

  9. Now those are some amazing pictures. I love them all, but I love the pink striped one a lot!!

    This was fun…thanks!

  10. Not that I am trying to be funny, but Clay wears pink well, some men do but the one I like here as second choice is the red tie.

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