Clay Aiken – A True Entertainer

They say …”No News is Good News!” Well that may be true, but I really want some news about Clay!!!


Sometimes we just need a good laugh and who better to entertain us but Clay Aiken. Yes, he sings like an angel and is a handsome man…….but today we will be entertained by one of the funniest persons around.

Enjoy!! We all need to take a deep breath and just laugh!!

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A True Entertainer

  1. So – true – nothing better than a good laugh and I love it when Clay throws his head back and that
    full, hardy, laugh of his just erupts – – – amazing!! One of the memories of that at the Kelly and Clay
    Concert from the early tours. I think his amazing voice makes for wonderful laughter as well as his
    beautiful song!! These are 2 of my favorite videos – thank you!! <3 🙂

  2. O….M….G, I just love when I see/hear Clay sing Those Magic Moments. Its electrifying! That is the kind of song he should also be recording….something with spark and life. Even the conductor behind him was enjoying Clay's performance. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love UM, BBML, and most everything else he sings with all his dear heart, but I believe we need to hear some lively songs like Those Magic Moments, too.

  3. What a fun way to start the day!!! Thanks Musicfan. We have so much clack…lots to be thankful for. And great people to make these wonderful montages….I can't thank people enough for all they do…and especially Clay, for Entertaining us. We sure are lucky!!!!!

  4. WOW! I enjoyed those 2 videos so much, that Clay is so funny and adorable, i never get tired of listening and watching him, he's so down to earth, that's why i love him and he did such a great job of singing 'those magic changes' – what a beautiful voice..
    Thanks musicfan.

  5. What a great way to start the day…laughing along with Clay. Brings back fond memories of that summer tour.

  6. clay is undeed a true entertainer and hes amazing at singing and that laugh of his when he throws back his head and laughes ilove it

  7. Yes, Clay is not only a wonderful singer but he is truly funny. Never a dull moment on that stage when Clay is up there. Love him singing Those Magic Changes. He really gets into that song. Won't be long and we will all be seeing him in the Christmas Shows. Can't wait for The Capitol Theater in Clearwater, Fl. Will be so much fun.

  8. This is way to funny. I have watched it many times and laugh everytime and I love Those Magic Moments.

  9. Thank you for the updates hes so lovely the more i read about him the more i really like him . hes a good man as well as super talented … betty ….xxxx

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