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Are you a fan of Clay Aiken? Have you been following him since 2003? If so, perhaps you have been able to attend some of his concerts.

For many of the concerts, tour merchandise was a big part of the experience. Clay gave his fans the opportunity to purchase T-shirts, posters, thongs, key rings, scarves and many other fun things. For most artists, the merchandise they sell at concerts help in the revenue bottom line.

A bit ago, featured an article on tips to maximize merchandise sales and artist marketing. The article divided the information into 6 different sections as it gave suggestions into what to do and what not to do!

Tie It To The Tour: Connect the merchandise with an experience. According to LiveNation Merchandise CEO, Dell Furano, the best selling items are the designs that are related to the imagery, photo, itinerary and logos that promote the tour or the album cover artwork. He also says:

…it’s still a staple that has not changed in 35 years–everyone likes the tour t-shirts with the itinerary on the back. Everyone likes to see the dates, turn the shirt around and point to their city.” T-shirts of various styles remain the biggest sellers at shows, but other standard strong sellers include programs, caps, posters, mugs, buttons, guitar picks, shot glasses and beer mugs.

Limit The Options: Limit the choices and don’t add endless colors and styles. The longer fans have to stand in line while others choose what to buy, the more sales the artist loses.

Be Inclusive: It’s important to make sure all the fans can show off their loyalty. It’s important to remember who your fans are, and add products that will work with your audience.

Expand Online: The musician should be sure to integrate their store with their website. While the merchandise at a concert should be limited, the online store has fewer limitations

Price To Sell: Most fans want to go home with something from the show, even if they have limited funds. The merchandise at a concert should include something that starts at $2. T-shirts should never be more than $25.

Make It Pop: Furano says that big, bold designs that include the artist’s picture or a bright design are the best sellers. It was also suggested that, if possible, the merchandise table should be in a space with lots of room and good lighting.

It is all interesting information and it is fun to think how well Clay has done in following these guidelines. Do you have any Clay Aiken concert shirts or did you purchase a thong?

Maybe you remember some of these choices from some of the early tours.






We certainly have not forgot about our friends on the east coast of the United States.

Please be careful and let us know you are OK.

The following is a slide show of some of the problems Hurricane Sandy has started.


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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Make It Pop

  1. I would love to have some of those shirts. I have MOST of them, lol. Unfortunately those "baby doll" tees fit the junior fans, so some are waiting for me in my dresser. I read somewhere that a fan tweeted they were making a blanket or quilt out of all of them! I believe Clay retweeted it too! Stay safe East Coasters…. so strange to hear the reports since most of the hurricanes usually come here to the south where I am.

  2. I wish I had bought Tshirt for the concerts I attended but I am very happy with my keychains and concert programs. I use one keychain as a zipper pull for the binder that holds all my CDs.

    Not long ago someone suggested Clay sell a scarf this year for the Joyful Noise Tour. Was that you Musicfan? I would love a scarf especially with STRIPES!!!

  3. I have lots of T-shirts, a fan, Christmas ornament, mug, key-chain, and a Scarf — from 2007 Christmas Concert signed with a snowflake and "With Love, Clay" – they had hats to match, but I just got the scarf – absolutely love them all!!! Great reminders of concerts!

    Wild night with no power until morning here in Northern Ohio – but won't complain – many, many, have
    had it ever so much worse – Prayers going out to all touched by "Sandy"!!!!

  4. I think I have a shirt from each of the tours they offered them, My favorite is actually the first one you have pictured. Love the picture on that one. I also have the one named "Greetings" which was from one of the Christmas tours. That is one I only wear to sleep in-Clay had his "rooster " hair on that one! : )
    My prayers go out to those in the area of Sandy. I watched TV until late last night. So many of the places they mentioned in NYC , I knew from traveling there to see Clay. My heart goes out to everyone effected by this massive storm.

  5. thanks for the info. Ill bring my visa to Atl City. Praying for all those affected by the hurricane.but most of the loss is material so far and can be replaced. being alive is the most important.God Bless Everyone.

  6. I have various tour merchandise including t-shirts, pajamas, key chains and posters. I wish the OFC would offer a wall calendar. I would definitely buy one every year.

    • Great idea. Now that he's been at for so many years there are enough Clay Aiken quotes and song lyrics they do a weekly or even daily tear away calendar. Give me more clay everyday!

  7. I have lots of TShirts, Key Chains, a Christmas Ornament from the 2005 JNT, Programs, and a Christmas Mug.

    Praying for all the people on the East Coast who had so much damage. It seems weird because hurricanes is something we see here in Florida, but this time it is in the North East.

  8. Do you think Clay will have something to sell this tour? I would love a scarf.

    I am already excited waiting for the Tour!

    Thanks for the info today!

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