Clay Aiken – Regarding Broadway!

I will always remember seeing Clay Aiken when he starred in Spamalot on Broadway.  It was a wonderful experience and Clay was amazing.

Do you remember the other times that Clay has performed on Broadway?  Let’s take a quick look at those performances.

May 24, 2004

New Amsterdam Theatre

With Heather Headley – Can you Feel The Love Tonight

Benefit for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids

 April 29, 2008

Minskoff Theatre

“The Prayer” with Hannah Waddingham

Broadway Cares “Easter Bonnet” Competition

 February 7, 2011

Longacre  Theatre

“Home” from The Wiz

Broadway Backwards 6

 January 18-May 4, 2008 – Original Run
 Sept. 19, 2008 – January 4, 2009 – Return Engagement


Shubert Theatre

Role:  Sir Robin, Guard, Brother Maynard

The talented SueReu put together a wonderful set of videos about Clay and his professional career.

#5 is all about Clay on Broadway.  Whether this video is  new to you or you have seen it before, it is worth a look.


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  1. I so wish I'd been around back when Clay was in Spamalot. I can only imagine that he was completely amazing as Sir Robin. With his natural comedic timing it couldn't be anything less than spectacular!

  2. Love this and all of the Spamalot Videos – thanks to all who make them – such a great service for
    all of us. Couldn't get to NYC so the videos are so very appreciated – Clay can do "anything"!!
    Love all of the pics and article, MusicFan!!

  3. I love every one of the photos depicting each of those amazing performances. Kudos to SueRue for that wonderful montage of Clay on Broadway. Clay was spectacular in every appearance, but I'm partial to the first with Heather Headley, only because I was so in awe of how professionally he performed as a newcomer to Broadway. His on stage presence was outstanding and his beautiful voice soared. It was breathtaking.

  4. I just love Sue’s video. Great job Sue and thank you Musicfan for posting. I’d like to see Clay on Broadway again someday. I hope he gets an opportunity.

  5. Thanks for all you do, Musicfan; it's much appreciated.

    I wasn't 'here' for Spamalot or for Clay's Broadway appearance with Hannah; or, the one with Heather Hedley which is among my favorite Clay Broadway performances. Was 'here' for "Broadway Backwards;" and although not able to attend, it was thrilling to see the captures of Clay performing "Home" in real time. Love all of Clay's Broadway performances.

  6. Oh Spamalot, Spamalot, wherefore art thou?? IMO, the best of Clay's career was on that stage! What a fantastic actor/comedian he is. With hardly any acting experience, he carried off his part perfectly and always on cue. Those were happy times, full of fun and laughter. I can't understand why he hasn't been offered more parts in plays. There's certainly no question about his ability to act or sing. Thank you SueReu for a very well-put together video of Clay's glory days on Broadway!

  7. OMG! what a wonderful job you did Suerue of the video, you're so talented and Clay was soooooo hilarious in Spamalot, that guy can do anything, really enjoyed it. Thanks musicfan for your post xox.

  8. This is such a fun post today. I love seeing the talented Clay Aiken on Broadway. He is soooo good at each event.

    I was lucky enough to see Clay in Spamalot. Loved every moment!

    Thanks, Musicfan for the week-end fun and another thanks to SueReu for the wonderful video!

  9. that is averry fun poast today thats verry much music fan for the weekend fun and thank you sue reu for the video clay was so amAZINGLEY FUNNY IN SPAMALOT

  10. Thank you Musicfan for all the great pictures of all the events that Clay was in. I loved Broadway Backwards and Clay's performance of Home. I watch that one a lot. I never did make it to see Clay in Spamalot..but, enjoyed the video's of those who did attend. He was just great as Sir Robin. I would love to see him back in a show on Broadway again. Also, thank you Suereu for that great video. I have seen it before, but always enjoy it.

  11. Thank you Musicfan for all the information about Clay on Broadway over the years. Also, a huge thanks to Suereu for her wonderful montage!!! PERFECT!!!! I really enjoyed this.

  12. Thank you MusicFan and SueRue! I never saw Clay do Brother Maynard before. He is always so good at everything he doed. I hope he gets back on Broadway too.

  13. I loved your article today. I really enjoyed Clay in Spamalot, but I had not realized how many special appearances he has made on the Broadway stage also. He always does an awesome job singing and raising money for charities, Thanks for posting the video, it was so wonderful to relive some great memories,

  14. How marvelous Clay was – brought me to tears just watching this video – thank you so very much SueReu!!!!!

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