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I am finally in my room after a wonderful, emotional, exciting night.  The National Inclusion Project’s Championship Gala was an amazing event.

I will admit that it is very late.  I stayed out enjoying the company of friends so please excuse if this post is choppy and not complete.


1.  The Gala at the National Theatre started right on time.  Ruben opened the show with a great rendition of Super Star.  It was fun to see him and the audience gave him a lot of love.

2.  Arsenio Hall did an excellent job of being the MC.  He joined Ruben on the stage and one of the first things Arsenio said was that Ruben and he had something in common…Clay let them win on their show..(not a quote, but that was the gist of the comment).  Everyone laughed and relaxed a bit.

3.  Ben and Sean were both a part of the band which included another electronic keyboard, guitar and bass.

4.  All three Gala winners were amazing.  Each one filled your soul with love, pride and determination to work just a bit harder for inclusion.

5.  Debbie was enthusiastic on stage.  She sang Maybe This Way from Cabaret…then later in the show sang Proud Mary and Lost In Your Eyes as a duet with Clay.  It was lovely.

6.  Rubin returned to the stage and sang Flying Without Wings and he and Clay sang a duet to More Than Words, a song from Rubens’s CD, Love Is.

7.  Clay sang at different times in the night.  He sang, Because You Love Me,  Everything I Don’t Need, To Love Somebody,  The Real Me and Invisible.  Each song was wonderful..  We got shirt tugs (with a smirk), growls, and amazing, passionate singing.  I wanted it to go on forever.

8.  Dee Snider was there via video.  He talked of his support of CLay and The National Inclusion Project.  Then he introduced the Auction section of the night.

9.  Clay auctioned off 2 dinners with him and Arsenio and Clay put together an event as the auction was going on.  Arsenio said he would invite 2 people to be in the front row of his “Dog Pound” on his new show and Clay would be on the show.  Clay added that he would have dinner with the winner.  The auction section ended with a “Send A Kid To Camp” auction.  I am sure they raised a lot of money as there were bid numbers all over the place.

10.  My observation saw a lot of love on the stage.  All of the performers truly love and respect each other and were very respectful and appropriate.  Clay mentioned that Ruben was stuck with him as a friend forever.  There was no doubt that Arsenio and Clay respect each other and have a true friendship.

11.  Clay was dressed in a tux and his tie was dark (black?) and thin.  Speaking of thin,Clay looked great.  He has obviously been working on his physical well-being.

There is so much more to tell you, but I am falling asleep.  I will post a few pictures that were on twitter and then get some shut-eye.  I will post more later.  My re-cap was the best I could do.  I am sure I left out a lot!!

From Twitter:

Backstage with the Director of the show

From Arsenio - Backstage at rehearsal

From Arsenio

From Debbie-backstage after the concert

From Debbie

From Producer

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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – WOW – Just WOW –

  1. Yay! I’m so happy that the Gala went well. NIP is such a great cause and we all know how much it means to Clay. Sounds like Clay and friends had a great time performing. What a fun night! 🙂

  2. Wonderful Musicfan! It was great of you to post this, the photos were so great, loved them all, it sure sounds like it was a great night for all, so happy for Clay, he is so loved and he has great friends who love him (why wouldn't they?) Thanks xox, looking forward to more news when you get some rest.

  3. THANK YOU for all of these details!!!! It is so fun to have gotten to be there through you. thank you, Musicfan!

  4. So glad that the Gala went well and Hope there was many donations to the National Inclusion Project.

  5. Thanks for staying up extra late to post this for us. I’m glad Dee showed up via video to speak to the audience. I’m sure he is working on Celebrity Appr. right now and that is why he couldn’t be there in person. Love the photos of Clay with his friends. So happy he will be on Arsenio’s first show. Have a safe trip back to Calif.

  6. Great reports from the Gala musicfan. Thanks.
    I am so glad the Gala went so well and everyone had a great time. I am so happy that he will be on Arsenio's new show.
    Have a safe trip back home.

  7. thank you .I hope NIP made a lot of money for the children.I can hardly wait for Arsenios show.but first will be the Atlantic City show

  8. Thanks so much for the pictures and the recap. Wish I could have been there. I know I missed something really special.

  9. Sounds like there was much fun at the Gala this year. Wish I could have been there. Would have loved to see Clay sing "Everything I Don't Need." Heard it was great. I imagine they were all very entertaining. Hope they made lots of money for the NIP.

  10. i thank you so much for the pictures and the recap i wish i could have been there ialso know that i have missed something amazingley special

  11. When he sang Everything I Don't Need he really jazzed it up and was at his growling best!!! He so knows his audience and we gave him the love. That was awesome. Also To Love Somebody. Was that the one he made up a lot of the lyrics? He was so cute.

  12. Had so much fun this weekend in DC! Clay and Friends were fantastic and it was nice meeting you in person, Musicfan123! Great recap!!!

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