Clay Aiken – In Sarasota – YOUTUBE ADDED

Day 2 – Joyful Noise Tour

Sarasota, Florida

According to lady who  did the cell-cert, Clay had 4 different outfits during the concert:

PBS Suit
Black Tuxedo pants with Green Broadway Home Jacket
Tuxedo Jacket with PBS Pants
Sweater vest over purple shirt with rolled up cuffs with the PBS pants.


From Twitter:

ashley bahrenburg. ‏@aashleyyy_
@clayaiken omg you were right near me row 9 seat 17

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – In Sarasota – YOUTUBE ADDED

  1. I'm listening in and I have to tell you…I'm so beyond excited that I don't even begin to know what to do with myself!!!! LOL

  2. I love that I know (and love) each article of clothing you are referring to 🙂

    MCWL was on the radio tonight and following the song you’re not going to believe what the DJ said “He’s a papa now. That’s right, Clay Aiken is looking forward to spending his first Christmas as a father this year.” I couldn’t help talking back to the radio out loud, “Um, Parker’s four.” He totally needs a better source! Like me. He’s in Sarasota tonight, and he has the flu. Oh yes, and don’t forget to keep playing his music. Seriously.

  3. The third outfit was the gala suit with black velvet lapel and pants were dark grey slacks – not PBS pants. The fourth outfit – pants is a dark grey gorgeous slacks.

  4. I forgot to thank Scarlett for doing these videos of the concert, just love them since i can't be there. xox

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