Clay Aiken – It’s Concert Time – UpDated!!

This is the place I will post any news we get tonight (Friday -11/23).

From LauraQ

Thanks for the pictures, Scarlet and CarolinaClay


All is Well
Christmas Waltz
O Holy Night
Mary Did You Know
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Hark The Herald Angels Sing/O Come All Ye Faithful
Welcome To Our World
Sleigh Ride/Jingle Bells/Wonderland
“What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve”
The First Noel
I’ll be Home for Christmas/Chestnuts Roasting (The Christmas Song)
My Grown Up Christmas List
Don’t Save it All for Christmas Day

I am sure there will be lots more pictures coming in.

From Joy2talk2U

Thank you!!!

Back!!! The concert was stunning…. stunning!!!!! He came out in front of the curtains to start……he acted like he was waiting for something….he stood there and stood there. Then he turned towards the curtain and waited some more. He finally got tired of waiting and went into the wings and came back out bringing a CD or tape player….. he “turned it on”, placed a mic down on the floor with the player……..the opening part of “All Is Well” started to play…….and he proceeded to blow the entire audience away with the most powerful edition of “All Is Well” that I have ever heard. 

When he hit the 2nd chorus of the song, the curtains slowly opened and we could see the orchestra playing….. the entire opening was magical…….. The final notes were spot on…..perfect…….

I will write a longer recap tomorrow, but I had to write about “All Is Well” before I forgot how amazing it was……. He brought goose bumps and tears.

From deemer:

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s Concert Time – UpDated!!

  1. The reporting and pics have been terrific – so happy that the JNT 2012 Tour had such a great start!
    Even with Clay's flu – he was sounding so beautiful!!! Hope there was a huge crowd of fans for the
    first show. Thank you so much for the pics everybody! Can't wait for my show!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the pictures and recap, I can't wait to see Clay Aiken in concert on Dec 20th in Chandler Az. Clay never disappoints, even though he had the flu last night it sounds like he was in top form.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful pics from the concert last night. Sounds like it was a great evening, and Clay was in fine form, even though he has the flu. Can't wait for all the reports from tonight's show as well.

  4. A thousand thanks to you musicfan and to everyone who shared these amazing pics with us!
    Just watched the only video I've found on YouTube of Clay's first concert stop in West Palm Beach/ Florida JNT 2012 … and I have to say ; despite battling flu , Clay sings like a nightingale. A heavenly nightingale!! [youtube hangc4cd-G4& youtube]

    What an incredibly gifted and wonderful performer he is !
    This is gonna be a marvelous X-mas tour!

    OMG! Why do tears well up in my eyes everytime I listen to Clay Aiken when he is singing and praising his beloved God ?

  5. thanks for showing these amazing clay aiken christmas pictures from the concert clay is amazing and gifted performer and despite having the flu i herd clay sings like a nighting gale

  6. Thank you Alara for posting the youtube of Clay at last nights performance. Can hardly wait to see him in person next mth.

  7. Thanks for all the great pictures and details about last nights concert. Sounds like Clay is amazing as always!

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