Clay Aiken – “A Totally Awesome Christmas Concert”

What an exciting time to be a fan of  Clay Aiken.  He seems to be at his very best as he travels from city to city, performing holiday music from his Joyful Noise Tour.

On Saturday, December 1st, the tour made a triumphant stop at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.  From the reports coming in, Clay was in fine voice and sang his heart out!  The following are a few tidbits that have been said about the concert.

1.  The venue and the seating were very poor.  It was a unfinished concrete floor, completely flat…the were chair lined up and tied together with nylon cords.  If you were skinny, you still felt cramped.

2.  Clay looked and sounded relaxed, happy and…snarky!  He sang beautifully!

3.  Orchestra was especially good…balance was poor because of the warehouse type arena!

4.  Two funny highlights…(A) Clay changed to button fly pants during one of the stories..opps…he forgot!  The audience was trying to let him know and  he mimed the people who were trying to let him know.  He pointed, made faces and used his arms and hands in any way he could.  Lots of laughs! (B)  The volunteer from the audience was a guy who had a great voice.  He made up funny lyrics to Oh Christmas Tree…and even though they were all wrong, he won the Macy’s Gift Card!

All and all, a wonderful performance and very entertaining.

Now, its time for some CLACK!!   A BIG thank you to all who take and share the pictures and videos!

A Huge Clay Sign in Lights outside the Venue

Thank you to jc4aikenheart for the Headline today!  Perfect!

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “A Totally Awesome Christmas Concert”

  1. The fans have been saying over and over that Clay needs his own TV show. This tour is proving we are right. Thanks for the photos and video. I'm so excited for my first concert of this tour in 2 days.

  2. Too bad the venue was so bad…but, I am sure everyone forgot about all of that as soon as Clay started singing. Thanks for the video..very funny!

  3. awww to bad that the venue was bad but im also sure that everyone just forgoten all about that as soon as clay started he amazing singing and thanks for the video its verry funny

  4. I'm sure Clay preformed beautifully and made up for the other things. Musicfan, I just really love
    that little snow man standing in the "falling snow"

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