Clay Aiken – Joyful Noise Was A Special Gift To All Of Us

Yes…Christmas is almost upon us!  I don’t know about you, but I am behind in my preparation of the holiday at my home!

Good Luck to those who are still shopping, wrapping and baking.  Keep focusing on the wonderful time that is just around the corner.

I am still in awe of the beautiful Joyful Noise Tour that Clay Aiken presented this year.  It was an amazing gift to all of us.

Today, I have chosen to share some wonderful pictures and videos of the final show of the tour.  Clay and the Tour performed at the  City National Grove – Anaheim, CA

What was your favorite song from Joyful Noise 2012?

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Joyful Noise Was A Special Gift To All Of Us

  1. Just brilliant, amazing pictures and videos – Thanks to all of the providers! Favorite song? How do
    you pick? Well, I really loved "All Year Long" but I need more of it – and "All Is Well , and "OH Holy Night" have been favorites forever! But Clay does not sing a bad song ever – so I guess I loved them
    all! I watched video of the Greensburg show since I had family seeing that show – and Clay did a
    great show there!!! I am still "down" over Detroit!!! 🙁

    • MERRYCHRISTMAS! you always cheer me up. I still cry about not beeing able to see Clay. should have had cataract surgery but scared.maybe at the next NIP thing we will both get I sit here depressed I am wishing you happinessand your family too. my 2nd Christmas alone. maybe next year better.

  2. musicfan, the last song in Sarasota took my breath away. I was swooning when he walked right by me. You can see me doing it! I am so happy there is clack! Now that the tour is over, sniff, I am so looking forward to all the pictures and more video!!! I hope he has something in the works for 2013. I miss him already!!!

  3. Beautiful videos, I love them all but some of my favorite ones are 'Don't save it all for Christmas' and 'All Year long'. I just want to say that usually I don't have much of a Christmas spirit but listening to Clay's Christmas videos and songs I sure have the Christmas Spirit now – thank you Clay and God bless. Always looking forward to more news about Clay.
    Thanks Musicfan xox.

  4. This tour certainly was a gift to us. Since I saw him in St Charles where we had the moments of silence and then he went into My Grown Up Christmas List, I think I will have to say that song for this year. But a close second would be All Year Long. I wonder if Clay has any clue how much his Christmas tours mean to his fans. It just does not seem like Christmas without Clay singing Christmas songs. He made Christmas for me. I love all the videos and the pictures are all so good. Thanks so much musicfan for posting all of them.

  5. Sadly I wasn't able to get to a show. From the Clack I did love The First Noel and the Baby Jesus Medley. I loved what banter I saw especially St. Charles re: the chain and the speakers. I hate it when we don't know what's next. Merry Christmas everyone.

  6. sadley i couldt go to any of clays amazing christmas concerts but my fav song that clay aiken sings is all is well from the 2012 joyfull noise tour i have no clue in my mind as to what is next and i hate that cause when ya dont know ya just cant figure it out

  7. I love everything, but this time I have to choose "All Year Long." It was like a prayer and was a very beautiful Encore. This is the song I was waiting to experience live at my only concert, St. Charles.

  8. Clay's Joyful Noise Tours are always excellent..but, this one seemed Tres Extroadinaire. I love all his Christmas songs..and my very favorites are always O Holy Night and Mary Did You Know?, but, I have to add Welcome To Our World and All Year Long. So hard to pick because I love them all. Hope he enjoys his Christmas with little Parker and all the family. Bless them all!

  9. Thank you for the amazing pictures and videos. It’s been so fun following Clay’s Joyful Noise Tour, especially since I couldn’t go to any of the shows. I love Clay singing Oh Holy Night and O Come O Come Emmanuel.

  10. Thank you for the pics, videos, red reports and so much more that you put into bringing Joyful Noise Tour 2012 to Clay's fans. It is greatly appreciated.

    Favorite song is always "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel." "The First Noel" was especially beautiful throughout the tour; and "All Year Long" has become another favorite.

    Agree with your sentiments; JNT '12 was a special gift from Clay to the fans.

  11. Thank you Musicfan. This last concert in CA was bittersweet. Not having news of Clay every day will drive me nuts as that is what I thrive on. My hubby won't mind because he won't have to hear about everything Clay has done or said several times a day. LOL. He is a fan but I carry on nonstop at times. This concert was unbelievably beautiful and I wish I could have seen it more than once. However I'm lucky I got to see it as so many were unable to do so. Clay's voice just seems to become more powerful and rich as the years go by. Thank God that we are able to follow his career as it ihas become such an important part of our lives along with the dear friends we've made thanks to Clay. Merry Christmas to one and all.

  12. Thanks so much for the videos. Merry Christmas to everyone at CANN and especially to musicfan. Your devotion to Clay via CANN is much appreciated.

  13. While I'm reading this post, I have Clay's CD playing. Remembering the JNT 2012, and hoping that Clay, Parker and Jaymes will have a beautiful Christmas along with all of his fans. Clay is like the star on top of the tree…sparkling and bright! Thank you, Musicfan, for all your hard work this year keeping all of us up to date on all things Clay.

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