Clay Aiken – “That Man Has Some Pipes!”


Day 11 – Joyful Noise Tour 2012

Grove Theatre – Shippensburg, PA

Some fun tweets before the concert started:

Ashley Sturm ‏@__AshleeBrooke
You seriously meet the nicest people at @clayaiken concerts.

Kevin ‏@KBatt17
At the Clay Aiken concert. LOL.

Lauren Miscavage ‏@atta_girl_laur
In at the @clayaiken show! Ready to take some pictures.fd

ashley❅stafford ‏@ALSxo
Rocking the Christmas bow in my hair for @clayaiken #JNT2012

Lisa ‏@luckiest1s
9.5 hours in fog and rain to get to Shippensburg for @clayaiken #jnt2012 concert tonight! So excited!

And some after the concert!

Hailey. ‏@haileybryett
That was amazing. I love clay aiken. Judge me.

Hailey. @haileybryett

I would willingly go to a clay aiken concert every night for the rest of my life.

ashley❅stafford ‏@ALSxo

@clayaiken in 10 years never seizes to amaze me. Goosebumps every song! That man has some pipes! Thank you Clay! <3

Jessica Yaukey ‏@jessicayaukey
Clay Aiken is amazing. That’s all. #claymatesince2002

chelsea blaine ‏@chelseablaine
@clayaiken killed it tonight at Ship. And the guitar player was pretty good too 😉 @londonshover

The following is a picture of the crowd before the concert started.  Do you see anyone you know?

Some wonderful concert photos from Hosaa

All there is at this time!  I am sure there will be more information and clack coming in soon.  Please check back and look for the Red Update

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “That Man Has Some Pipes!”

  1. Hossa's photos are utterly fantastic!!! Thank you so much – gorgeous Christmas background!

    Absolutely love all of the tweets – Yay! for Clay!

    Thanks Musicfan. 🙂

  2. Sounds like it was a fantastic show! Wish I had been there!!! Thanks for bringing all the beautiful pictures!!!

  3. Thanks so much for posting all the wonderful pics from last night show. It looks like it was a beautiful venue and from the posts Clay was again in top form. I love all the tweets being posted and his great voice is mentioned in many of them. Thanks so much.

  4. What a super night, and what excellent pictures. He's looking more gorgeous than ever — and from comments, sounds that way too!

    Thank you for the faithful daily updates, musicfan; words do not suffice, you are our ClayAngel!!! Love that you include tweets too, they are so cool. And so is this comment I just now saw in the chat bar on your own blog. LOL.

    12/02/12 04:21 PM
    Shrinkingsusan: when Clay sang the fish in the ocean were jumping for joy!

  5. Thanks Musicfan for bringing over all the pics. As the tour goes, Clay just gets better and better. I am loving this tour. I see someone I know in the first pic!!! It really does sound like it was a great show last night.

  6. Beautiful pics of Clay, looks like he had a wonderful crowd, the stage looked gorgeous with the trees, orchestra and Clay, wish I had been there. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  7. Those are really great photos. The stage was so pretty especially with the trees changing colors throughout the night. Last night was my last concert this tour. I got emotional several times just thinking about how blessed I am to have Clay and my Clay friends in my life.

  8. thanks again music fan for the pics as you bring them clay looks so amazing in them as the tour con tinues clays singing is more and more amazing and it sure does sound to me like it was a great show

  9. I love those fantastic pictures! Thanks for all the wonderful fans for sharing and Musicfan for posting them. It makes us fans who can’t make a show feel a part of things. Love it! 🙂

  10. Those Shippesnsburg Pictures are so beautiful. Finally, we get a Christmas Scene and it sure looked purdy with all the lit tree's. I even changed my screensaver to a picture of Clay singing in front of those tree's. Wish all the Venues would have decorations.

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