Clay Aiken – A Night of Celebration

On January 4, 2009,  Clay Aiken performed his last performance of Spamalot on the stage of the Shubert Theater.  It was a night of celebration for the audience and the cast members.  From the look on Clay’s face, it was a night full of joy and excitement for him too.

Thank you, Clay for the great Broadway adventure. Your performances as Sir Robin, Guard 1 and Brother Maynard were spot on and gave the audience lots of laughs.

I was lucky enough to see Clay perform in Spamalot and even was chosen as the peasant one night. However, I was not there for the final show.

Were you there?

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Night of Celebration

  1. No, I didn't get to see any Spamalot Shows but have watched so many videos and have enjoyed
    all of them. Clay was exceptional in his first Broadway appearance – but he is just exceptional in
    everything he chooses to do!!! So glad you got to go and also be a peasant – exciting! Thanks for
    all of the great pics, Musicfan and the video.

  2. I was never fortunate to see Clay on Broadway, 🙁 but I hear it was fantastic! I did get to see it "after" tho. What a treat to be a "peasant" musicfan!

  3. I would have loved to have seen Spamalot with Clay in it, it must have been great fun and Clay is so talented, I have watched the different videos of Spamalot on Utube, thank goodness for that website as i can watch so many of his videos. Thanks Musicfan xox.
    ps. whenever i feel blue or lonely I watch Clay's videos and listen to his music and then I feel so much better! thank you Clay.

  4. I wish I could have seen Clay in Spamalot. I love seeing the pictures and videos from the show. I hope we get to see Clay on Broadway again someday. I saw something that they are making a musical for Willy Wonka. I could totally see Clay doing this. Wishing!! 🙂

  5. Oh my…unfortunately, I didn't even know who Clay Aiken was at that time. Wow, so glad I found him now though. My life has definitely been enriched. 🙂 Would love to see Clay do something else on Broadway…I'd love to see him do Jeckyll & Hyde or something else where is singing is really showcased. (that's just the only one I know of that has a male lead role that really sings throughout much of the show)

  6. I was there for the last performance and boy, did Clay get a great ovation from the audience. It was
    clear that he is dearly loved! The Broadway stage is so right for Clay. His timing and delivery are
    impeccable. I so wish he would be picked for a great role in another play…..soon!

    I also was picked as the "peasant person" during one of the times I saw Spamalot. I can't remember much
    of the experience as I was in the "Aikenfog", but what I can remember most is looking into those green eyes when he was on bended knee in front of me singing with the rest of the characters on stage.

    • I went to 4 Spamalot shows and was there at his last performance as well. I loved that standing ovation. He received many standing ovations. He was absolutely phenomenal. As Carol said he is so perfect to be in another play. I pray someday he will with more of a singing role. I adore this man!!!! Sandy Ectman

  7. I did get to see Clay in Spamalot twice. In April & Oct. It was so exciting to see how much fun Clay was having on stage and how much the audience loved him. All I can say is ENCORE!

  8. I was there for Clay's closing night of his first run on Broadway, but not for his second run. I'm praying Clay will be back on the Broadway stage soon especially since I can easily hop on a bus to get there to see him.

  9. I was very careful of the YouTube I chose to put in this article. Since Clay requested that cameras not be used, I didn't think it was appropriate to post any fan videos. (Crazy because I do have copies of the show and love them) Maybe I am too careful, but I would rather be too careful than not careful enough.

  10. I was lucky enough to be at the final Spamalot. I love everything that Clay does. He was spectacular in Spamalot! My friend Kathy was the peasant one night also. <3

  11. I wasn't there the last performance, but did make 2 trips from north of Toronto by train to NYC. It was wonderful, and can't wait for Clay to be back on Broadway. He fits there so perfectly.

  12. I was at 4 Spamalot performances and at the last one as well. Clay was absolutely phenomenal; just perfection. I sure hope in the near future Clay will appear on broadway again with more of a singing role. His comedic timing is perfect also! I loved those standing ovations, especially at the last show. I adore him Sandy Ectman

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