Clay Aiken – Seeing Your Face Everywhere!


Celebrity is a world all into its own.  So many things seem to be a part of the celebrity life.  The rest of us can’t even imagine what it must be like.

How would you like to see your face on every magazine you can see?  Well, that is something Clay Aiken had to deal with during the first few years of his celebrity life.  Some pictures were planned, but others took pictures and posted them as “news”.

The following magazine covers are only a few of thousands that featured Clay Aiken.












 Have you seen all of these magazines before?

Which one is your favorite?

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19 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Seeing Your Face Everywhere!

  1. No, not all of them – but some – – My favorite is the "Rolling Stone" and "Entertainment" comes 2nd!

  2. The FIRST one, the FIRST one! Never saw it! Okay, who has a copy???? I want oneee! LOL! I've either seen or have all the others in my collection. The only magazine I've always wanted a copy of was ELLE. Thanks for the memories musicfan!!!

  3. Such FUN to see all those wondeerful covers in one place. #10 is clearly my all-time favorite. We knew it was coming, and I ran all over town for days looking for it in every store that might possibly carry Rolling Stone. And then it was there! WOW! Wasn't that a magic moment? Thanks, musicfan. You bring us the very best coverage of our guy.

  4. I must have been living under a rock…I saw only two of these magazines! I'd love to read them now and compare Clay at the beginning to how far he has come.

  5. I have a couple of magazines and memorabilia which i purchased on ebay, I'll check in to see if i can get more. Thanks Musicfan xox.

  6. Musicfan – Speaking of magazine covers – they all are terrific. Favorites are: Top choice – #10 Rolling Stone – Fantastic straight on action pose with the best background color for Clay. He looks hot! Second place #1 Music – another great pose. A little mischievous but sexy all the same. Could have used a less bland background color. Third place #3 Stepping Out – Beautiful profile shot. Does seem a bit overly airbrushed with the facial foundation and side burn. Nice background and clothing colors. That was a very lovely walk down memory lane. Thanks!

  7. Thanks much for posting these, Musicfan. I've not seen all of them before.

    Favorite is #4. Love Clay performance pics and the outfit – is that the IT Miami outfit ? Then #2. with the Gorgeous smile and Beautiful green eyes looking right into the camera; then, #9. They're all great though. 🙂

  8. Of course they are all great but I really love the Stepping Out one. On My Way Here is still my favorite cd cover. Clay has such a beautiful profile. 🙂

  9. I think I have most of those magazines. I have a big collection of all kinds of magazines he was in. I will have to go through these soon. Every time I went to the store there was another story about him. I even bought the Teen Magazines. HaHa!

    My favorite has to be Rolling Stone…it was a real honor to be in that magazine and I like the picture and the article about Clay. Second would be the Steppin Out Magazine with the picture of blond Clay from On My Way Here. He was gorgeous as a blond.

  10. I've never seen #1, #3 & #4 before. Thanks for posting all of these magazines Musicfan. I love them all. Love Clay's profile on On My Way Here.

  11. Actually I only saw about half of these before. I was on the Clay can sing/should have won bandwagon until Elle Magazine. Hubba Hubba!

    Now that I see the US Magazine cover tease of "Shocking Truth" ….I am compelled to ask you Musicfan….What was the shocking truth?

  12. I have never seen a few of them but the ones I saw when I start looking for them at the stores I bought them all…anything with Clay's name on them.
    And the ones I STILL have from those are #5, #6, # 7, # 9, #10. I love them all.

  13. Oh my! I've never seen most of these!!! I only have a copy of Rolling Stone but none of the others. I'd love to have a copy of all of them! My husband just walked up behind me and said "Getting your daily dose of Clay?" He knows me so well. 🙂

    • That is way to funny!! My husband just looks and shakes his head. Can't wait for Clay's next adventure. 😉

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