Clay Aiken – April Was Good!


Last year, during April, I saw Clay Aiken on television at least once a week.  I also got to read a blog from him each week.  April was good! It was great to see and hear from Clay each week even if it was Celebrity Apprentice.

Although I am not a fan of Celebrity Apprentice, there were lots of things that made it fun.  One of the things I enjoyed was getting to know the other celebrities that were a part of the cast.  I knew some of them for their work, others I knew only their name and they were a few I didn’t know at all.

I did know Dee Snider by name.  I knew he was the lead singer of Twisted Sister, but I admit, I had never heard him sing.  It was exciting to see what an intelligent, friendly, and caring man Dee is.  It was fun to see that he and Clay Aiken became friends during the taping of Celebrity Apprentice.

Did you know?

  • Dee was born on March 15, 1955 making him 58 years old.
  • Snider has been married to his wife Suzette, a former Twisted Sister costume designer, since 1981. They have four children: Jesse, Shane, Cody, and Cheyenne.
  • In June of 1999, Dee became a morning show radio host on WMRQ in Hartford, Connecticut. Dee Snider Radio aired for three years. He returned to radio in June 2006 with Fangoria Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio.
  • In 1998, Dee tried his hand in the movies.  He wrote and starred in a horror film titled Strangeland.
  • In 1998 he wrote the song “The Magic of Christmas Day (God Bless Us Everyone)”, which was later recorded by none other than Celine Dion.
  • Dee was also seen on Kitchen Nightmares, as well as being the host of DEAD ART and House of Hair. Snider and his family later starred in the reality show Growing Up Twisted and Celebrity Wife Swap.

It sounds like Dee Snider has had an interesting and diverse career.

One of my favorite things that Dee has done musically was to sing a duet with Clay Aiken.  He included Clay in his duet album, Dee Does Broadway.  The song, Luck Be A Lady Tonight was the most downloaded song on the album.

The talented SueReu put together a creative video that featured Dee and Clay’s recording of Luck Be A Lady Tonight.  I hope you enjoy it!


Besides Clay, who was your favorite celebrity on Celebrity Apprentice last year?

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – April Was Good!

  1. Besides Clay? I didn't have a "favorite" but I liked and still find the following interesting; Dee Snider, Lou, Paul Sr, Arsenio, and Penn from the men's team. From the women's team? Patricia and Tia.

  2. Thanks, SueRue for another mind-blowing video! I did download Luck Be A Lady on iTunes (first time I ever did that). My 2nd favorite on CA was Dee. I learned so much about him and his children and why he choose the charity he played for. Clay helped him win a lot of $$.

  3. Wow. Thanks for all the info on Dee, Musicfan. Seems to me, to make it in the entertainment field, you have to be diverse. Try all avenues in order to last. Love the duet by Clay and Dee. As we have always said, Clay can sing anything…and it's true!!!!! Who would have ever imagined Clay singing with Dee Snider??? It's great!!!

  4. Thanks for the info on Dee! During Celebrity Apprentice, I gained a great deal of respect for him. I'm guilty of misjudging this awesome man, just from his association with Twisted Sister. Clay, of course, was my top celebrity on CA last year, but Dee was definitely my second choice. I loved the chemistry between Clay and Dee, as well. Of course, we know Clay can have great chemistry with almost anyone!! 🙂

  5. My 2nd choice is Dee also. And I LOVE the "Luck Be a Lady Tonight" video. Suerue did a magnificent job of bringing it to life. Such fun to watch and listen to it.

  6. Loved the video, Clay did such a great job with Dee, also Dee was my 2nd favorite one on CA And Suerue did a great job with the video, I was able to tell when Clay was singing, it was great!

  7. Besides Clay – my favorite 2012 CApp contestant was Dee Snider. He was a fair player who gave props to those who legitimately earned them. Glad Dee and Clay got together to record the Luck Be a Lady song. It was definitely one of the better aftereffects of the show's preordained and unfair conclusion. Enjoyed the fantastic video montage – courtesy of SueRue.

  8. BESIDES Clay?! Hmm, that's a tough one to call. I think my favs were Dee & Arsenio on the guy's team. On the women's team… I would say Lisa was my fav. Even though she could be awfully bitchy & bossy to her fellow CA team members.

  9. Besides Clay? I would have to say Dee. He got along with Dee splendidly and I never thought I would see the day that Clay would be on the same album with Dee. I bought that album and actually like all of it. But, my favorite song, of course, is Luck Be A Lady.

    Suereu must have made two montages of Luck Be A Lady..because I remember a different one. But, I love this one…she did such a good job on it.

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