Clay Aiken – Mr. Business

Just a year ago, Clay Aiken was busy appearing on TV every Sunday night.  I have to admit that I am not a fan of Celebrity Apprentice, but I certainly loved seeing Clay each week and enjoyed seeing his serious business attire.

The following are a few pictures of the business mogul  from last year!

We sure got a lot of great head shots from the show!!









We certainly got a lot of “clack” from this show!

Picking only eight pictures was hard!

OK…your turn…

Which picture is your favorite?

Remember, click on the picture to see it in the original size!

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Mr. Business

  1. I love all the pictures…but, I would have to say that #4 is my favorite. I love how his hair is combed in this picture…and those eyelashes are to die for.

  2. I can never pick…..I love them all. I do, however, like #5. Maybe cause Clay is clean shaven, and the pink colour looks so good on him. I love Clay's eyes in #1. I miss seeing Clay on TV every week as well Musicfan. Last season of CA was so much better than this one.

  3. Love all of Clay's many expressive facial expressions in the pictures. The Winning By A Nose episode picture #5 is my favorite. Clay has such a wonderful and pleasant smile in it. Just watched that video again. Whew! What a nail biter. Clay sure had to talk his way out of getting fired in that one. He did an almost impossible but very effective job of it too. Great subject choice musicfan. Thanks!

  4. What great pictures. I like number 5 because of the mischeivious look on his face. Number 8 is just a beautiful smile. 🙂

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