Clay Aiken- “An Astute Comedian”

It is hard to believe that there are only four more performances of the Drowsy Chaperone at The North Carolina Theatre.  The production continues to garner positive reviews and, according to those in attendance, the audience is growing after each performance.

There was another wonderful review about The Drowsy Chaperone that praises the performance of Clay Aiken.  The following is from The North Carolina Theatre Blog.


Here at NCT, we have been taken aback by the accolades for THE DROWSY CHAPERONE and are so humbly grateful that audiences and critics alike are enjoying it as much as we are. We are particularly proud of one recent excerpt written by one of Raleigh’s top theatre critics, not as a reviewer, but as a theatre lover. We reprint it here with his permision…

As published in Triangle A&E’s Theatre Review:

Last night, I went to North Carolina Theatre’s production of The Drowsy Chaperone, not as News & Observer reviewer, but just on my own. I can truthfully say it was the best all-around production by North Carolina Theatre in its 30 seasons. The all-Equity cast included two Raleigh natives: Beth Leavel, recreating her Tony Award®-winning role as the title character, and Clay Aiken in the lead role, Man in Chair. One would have expected Leavel to be stellar (which she was), but the big surprise was Aiken. In this non-singing role, he proved to be an astute comedian, landing his punch lines with consummate skill and making the reclusive character endearing in a subtle, knowing performance. It’s on until Sunday — I highly recommend it.

-Roy C. Dicks, Triangle theatre critic   The article is found HERE


dancermom at Clayversity posted the following picture of Clay.  It is one of my favorites…ever!!  Thank you for sharing the picture with Clay fans!!

The Triangle – Arts & Entertainment published another review of The Drowsy Chaperone.  This one was written by Susie Potter, a self-confessed Clay Aiken fan.

An All-Star Cast Makes “The Drowsy Chaperone” a Hit

…Aiken is, as one might expect, the star of the show. From the moment he was revealed onstage at the opening night performance, the audience simply couldn’t get enough of him. He did not, however, use his loyal fan base as an excuse to hold back on the performance. Though Aiken does not sing in the role, he steals the show time and time again with his perfect delivery of the character’s comedic commentary, and the man really knows how to milk a moment. During the “intermission” of the record, Aiken has his character eating a Power Bar and almost oblivious to the audience for a full two minutes or so. These types of antics and the fact that the story’s somewhat bittersweet ending is played up nicely  create an uncomfortable type of comedy and give the story an edge it often lacks in more mundane performances…

You can read the entire review by Susie at SUSIEPOTTER

The following are some great pictures and screencaps from The Office.  Thank you to all for making screencaps.

Check out the socks!

What a fun week to be a fan of Clay Aiken!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken- “An Astute Comedian”

  1. Loving all of the reviews – Clay is definitely a pot of Gold!!! I so appreciate hearing from everyone
    that has attended the DC – it makes one feel like they were there – a very good feeling!!

    The screen caps are wonderful, too! Thank you Dancermom! And many thanks to you Musicfan.

  2. I am just loving these reviews! I’m so happy and proud for Clay. Hopefully this can lead to other exciting places. Can’t wait to see. I love the pictures, what a gorgeous man! 🙂

  3. Everything you've posted has been awesome musicfan! I want a BIGGER picture of that new profile!!!

  4. I see Clay is wearing his stripped sox on The Office. So happy for the wonderful reviews Clay has received for his D.C. performance. Now lets hope that the powers that be will invite him to perform on Broadway again.

  5. im lovin these revews about clay everything you have posted has been verry awesome music fan im verry happy for the wonderfull reviews that clay has recueved for his dc performance i hope that the powers that be will invite clay to perfom on bradway again

  6. Thanks for sharing the reviews and the pics. I especially love the picture from The Drowsy Chaperone.

  7. Rickie L.
    Clay is so versitile. Whatever he touches is perfection! Clay Aiken, I knew it all along that he would be a winner!!!!!

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