Clay Aiken – Each Emotion Played Perfectly!

Brilliant – Superb – Inpressive!!  Clay was all that and more as he debuted in the Drowsy Chaperone on Tuesday night.

Clay Aiken made a successful  return to the stage of the North Carolina Theatre starring as the quirky Man in The Chair.

The play began in a darkened theatre.  Suddenly, a voice was heard and we knew that Clay had become the  character he was portraying.

The show was so much fun.  It was campy, silly, and poignant.  The entire cast was amazing.  Each person played their part in a true professional way.

Some of my favorite things…

1.  Hearing Clay’s voice coming through the darkened theatre. It was no longer Clay, but the The Man In The Chair.

2.  Watching Clay’s face…every emotion was shown on his expressive face.

3.  The costumes were beautiful.

4.  Watching Aldolpho get through his costume mishap and making the audience wonder if it was planned.

5.  I loved watching Clay dance around on the stage, trying to keep up with the cast.

6.  Watching the MITC turn from happy to sad…each emotion was played perfectly.

7.  Loved the intermission…it was Clay standing center stage, unwrapping and eating a Power Bar.

8.  Clay greeted each fan at the stage door.  He had to be tired,yet he took the time to thank each person for being there.

The audience was on their feet at the end.  Clay and the entire cast put on a wonderful show and it was nice to see them get love from the audience.

The National Inclusion Project had a beautiful booth in the lobby of the theatre.  It was colorful and eye-catching.  It looked like many people were stopping by to get more information.

The wonderful deemer took some great pictures.  Thank you for sharing them!

I will see the show again tonight!

I know I will see more details and enjoy the play again!

Also, don’t forget…Some of us are having BBQ lunch at noon today at Clyde Cooper’s BBQ.

Stop by if you can!!

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Each Emotion Played Perfectly!

  1. Thanks so much for this recap! I'm so happy for Clay–knew he'd be fantastic!!
    Bet you can't wait to see it again. Let's hope he finds his way back to Broadway 'soon'.

  2. No surprise that it was Masterful; given the performers. Clay is a master at whatever he does, always gives from the heart and with such emotion. So glad you enjoyed it & how blessed you are to see it again. Can't wait to here more. TY for always being there for those of us who can't.

  3. Thanks for the post and pics, it sounds like it was a wonderful play and love all the great comments about Clay, it was great that you and others were able to be there to enjoy the show, I only wish there was some way we could see some video if at all possible! Thanks Musicfan xox.

  4. Yay! I’m so happy the show went well. I’m glad you guys had fun. I loved that Clay thanked people at the stage door. I’m so proud of him! 🙂

  5. I love all of the glowing reports and I am betting it gets better each night – if that is possible. I am so
    happy that so many are reporting their personal feelings – it is so appreciated by us that can't be
    there! The photos are great – have fun at Cooper's BBQ. So nice of Clay to do the Stage Door!
    He is soooo sweet! <3

  6. yaaay im so pleased that the show went well and im glad you guys had fun its nice that clay thanked the paople at the stage door

  7. TY Musicfan123 for re-capping last night's performance! And TY to Deemer for the wonderful pics! Most of all, TY to Clay for coming & spreading the "love" to all of you who were there last night! Thanxs also to you guys who are there & are keeping the peeps who can't be there (and wish they could be) updated on EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! We love you guys!!!!!! And another "Break A Leg" to Clay & cast tonight!!!!! GO DC CAST, GO!!!!!

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