Clay Aiken – Simply Amazing!

The following are some of the comments sent from Clay Aiken fans about Wednesday’s performance of Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

In front of the Theatre

One page of the Program

He’s wearing a white shirt and pants and a tank top under shirt under the shirt. He’s killing it on the songs


Ladies behind me debating on whether or not he’s wearing a wig. Haha! Everyone loves him. Lots of applause. Wig is different than in the promo pic. Looks lighter & more brushed back off his face. Close Every Door or whatever it’s called was GREAT, lots of applause. No loin cloth yet, just white linen, white sandals. Intermission right now.


“Close Every Door” was freaking amazing. But his mic needs to be a little louder when he’s hunched over on the ground singing the beginning. Stage right is where the narrator stands quite often and within the first few rows he can be hard to see because of her.


jc4aikenheart reports no loin cloth Dress all in white.Tunic white pants long sleeve shirt. Every inch of body covered except a v neck open white shirt with white sash.. great hair. Vocals are great and still makes my heart melt. WOW jut glorious handsome as ever


For all the lovers of his lower register “Close Every Door” will be very happy. Intermission ending!


Intermission ending. Everyone nearby talking about how great he is! Yayyyy!


Lot of people stood when Clay took his bow! He did the typical clap and dance during the final bows! Lots of people waiting by the stage door. Pharaoh made a joke “This is how we do it on EGYPTIAN Idol, Joseph!”


My friend who is there reports “goosebumps” and “teary eyes.” Says Clay is “adorable” and he’s hitting the “OMG notes.” Says the audience is whooping and hollaring after he sings – they’re loving it!!! 

Says he looks so “damn cute” and she wishes it was really his hair. 

Finally, she said they were told if they saw someone with a phone on, they would be escorted out.


When he came out in the gold chariot he had a gold plated breast plate & a gold headress, all worn ON TOP of the white linen outfit.A big thank-you to:





ncwannabe’s friend


AND Anyone I missed!

You are all the Best!!

Stagedoor – From Scarlett! THANK YOU!

If there is any different information or pictures tonight, I will post tonight…otherwise, I will post more tomorrow!



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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Simply Amazing!

  1. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! And another thank you to those who left comments for those of us at home!!

    So glad I found this place!

  2. Yo.. Thank to you all who reporting. Wish I can go to US now. I really2 want to watch his show someday. “keephoping:)”… Thanks musicfan

  3. Thank you so much for the reports. I was out all evening, and was please to see that Clay was fantastic as Joseph. I knew he would be…but it is always nice to see it in print!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Musicfan!!!!

  4. Thanks so much for the info folks, it sounds like it was a great show, wish I'd been there, hope to see more info on the show, wish we could get highlights like we got from the 'Drowsy Chaperone'.

  5. Oh wow! Can't wait till the 16th! He looks GREAT in that picture that Scarlett posted!!! It's awesome to hear all the reports from the opening evening show! Hold me back, hold me back!

  6. Hurrah!! and Hurray!! for Clay – He was his stunningly handsome self with out the other wardrobe –
    not surprised! So glad he got great applause and the audience loved him! That makes me happy
    even if I can't go to a show this time. Just need to know he is being showed the love – all is well!!!

    Thanks Musicfan and Scarlett! <3

  7. I’m so happy the show went well. I know this would be a great part for Clay. Thanks to all those who commented. 🙂

  8. huraaay clay you were amazing you did it clay im glad the audence loved ya that pleases me and it make me glad and happy im not surprized
    im glad that you got great aplause and if i were there clay id clap for ya also thanks also go to music fan , and scarlette

  9. How exciting to read all these posts! I wondered if Clay would come out after the show to visit his fans. Now I know to wait by the "stage door". Thanks so much to CANN for the photo & comments.

  10. You two are the best, we all appreciate the posting of Clay's performance! Those of us who couldn't be there for the play, love you guys for all you do. I knew Clay would do so well and the audience will applaud him every night with standing ovations. He is truly the best. Always a fan and true supporter!

    • Thanks for sharing your blog with us! I am so glad you got to go to the show. I will be there for the last few shows!

  11. Hi musicfan,

    Thanks for your comment! I'm glad to hear you will get to the show too – by the last shows, Clay will be even better! Enjoy!

  12. Y'all are making me hot & bothered!!! Wish I could go & see him in person!!! Darn you, Clay for being all the way up in Maine!!!! Hope everyone who's going has a WONDERFUL time. Clay-Come back to O-H-I-O soon, ya hear?!!! I miss him!!!!!

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