Clay Aiken – “His Voice Gave Me Chills”

This morning brings a great fan review of Clay Aiken in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  It is always fun to read about the excitement of the audience as they see Clay and the entire cast put on a wonderful performance.  We also have a new stage door YouTube from Scarlett!

Took the granddaughters ( 8 and 10) to see Joseph today. Incredible!! I cannot wait to see it again.

His voice gave me chills when he sang “Close Every Door”–picture the “chain” picture at the end of the song.

I felt as if I saw a lot of Sir Robin in Joseph–that same sweet innocence was there.

The show itself is fantastic–the music just has you tapping your feet. The kids loved it. We were in row W -way near the back, but still good seats. The place was packed except for the two rows in front of us-gave us a much better view, especially for the kids. It was perfect. He got enthusiastic applause for everything.

I also really love the narrator–can see why she was Tony nominated.

I’m not good at remembering details, but I always like to mention audience reaction. I heard someone say that they’d seen four other versions and that Clay was the best Joseph they’d ever seen. The ladies behind me said, “How did he not win?” I got in a short conversation with him and told them about “National Inclusion Project”, etc. They found that it was mentioned in the program and were impressed. At the end they told me they just loved him as Joseph. Heard so many other random comments about how terrific he was. People just kept saying it over and over. Whenever I go to plays, I don’t usually hear such enthusiasm! And I know that these were not diehard fans.

Got to do the stage door.  The usher mentioned it and I wasn’t going to because I needed to get home and knew traffic going south on 95 would be horrible. But, the girls really wanted to. He appeared about two minutes after we got there. I had the girls move up to the front and I stayed back a bit. I know he loves kids (and my granddaughters were adorable in little dresses and braids–knew he wouldn’t be able to resist). He was about ready to turn and go, but saw them and signed their programs. Sooo, they have autographs and I don’t! LOL I could kick myself for not taking a picture, but I blame “the fog”.

Have to say this is the best day I’ve had in a long time.

Clay Aiken is good for what ails ya, for sure!!!

Seeing it again on the 20th with my RI buddies and I just CANNOT WAIT!!

Just have to add how gorgeous he is from three feet away. Simply stunning!!  
There really is an ethereal quality about him, isn’t there!!

Thank you, Rhode Island Fan


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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “His Voice Gave Me Chills”

  1. this is averry amazing revew on clay aiken thanks music fan and if i were traped on that beach id take clay aiken but id have to stay off of the sand because im alergic to sand and i wold not go in the water because i dont know how ta swim

  2. That's okay, Pumpkin. Clay doesn't like the water either.

    Great review Musicfan. Can't wait to get there.

  3. Thanks for putting my recap here!! Fun to see it. It really was the best day ever–so glad I got to share it with my granddaughters. Tried to see us in the stage door video above, but can't. I think at around the 20 second mark is when he reached down to my two little ones to sign their playbills. So glad I watched this. I was so under his spell that I missed his cute expression right before he disappeared from sight!

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