Clay Aiken – A Quiet, Reflective Post

Thursday was a beautiful day…

but it put me in a quiet and reflective mood!

So…today is a quiet, reflective post!

Which of these songs is your favorite?

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Quiet, Reflective Post

  1. The one in the mirror, and the last one. He looks like he is reflective. It makes you wonder what he is thinking . Clay is one of the most powerful performers. often without saying a word. Just by an action or emotion or just a look. He makes you feel every word when he sings. He is just amazingly gifted.

  2. Goodmorning! As usual you've picked a great set of video's! I was at the West Palm Beach concert. Oh what a night! Clay was awesome! Yum., the picture of Clay touching the mirror is beautiful!

    Okay Clay, come out come out whereEVER you are! LOL!

  3. My favorite song is 'Lover All Alone' because Clay wrote the heartbreaking lyrics. When he sings it, you can hear a pin drop, the audience is so quiet. Almost brings tears to my eyes. I love 'Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word'. So beautiful and I look forward to watching/listening to Andy Abad playing lead guitar. 'Home' seems to be a song that Clay especially like to sing. From such a quiet beginning to a huge ending note. I liked your quiet reflective post today. We all have times like that.

  4. my fav song is lover all alone every time i watch clay sing that it is a verry heart braking song and when he sing lov er all alone you can hear the pin drop clay is amazingley gifted with his amazing way of singing the song home seems to me like a song clay especiley likes ta sing it starts off as a quiet beging to a huge ending singing note

  5. My favorite is "Lover All Alone" because it echoes what is in Clay's heart and reflects some of the loneliness he has experienced in his life. It also speaks of hope. The lyrics are poignant yet simple and sincere. "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word" is also a superb song. It's message is so very true!

  6. Beautiful post. I love the pictures, but I really love the videos. All of the songs are favorites of mine!

  7. That picture of Clay in the mirror is just beautiful! Lover All Alone is my favorite chill song. Besides Clay’s beautiful voice I think it’s the cello line that makes it so haunting.

  8. I cried like a baby the first few times I heard Lover All Alone. So raw, tender, touching, hauntingly beautiful lyrics. But I can't pick a favourite here. Nope.

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