Clay Aiken – Jukebox Tour Fun!


It’s the Week-end!  Let’s have some fun!!!

2005 was the summer of the Jukebox Tour.  Clay Aiken fans filled the concert halls and arenas in the eastern half of the United States to see a great concert of pop music history.  Most of the concerts were sold out and Clay and his troupe put on an exciting show.

We have posted many pictures and videos of the Jukebox Tour.  However, sometimes we forget to highlight some of the fun times.  So, today we are celebrating some special Jukebox Tour fun.

I bet you are smiling now – aren’t you?

Did You See The Jukebox Tour Live?

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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Jukebox Tour Fun!

  1. I sure did and loved it – in Cleveland and when Clay came into the Audience he was not all that far
    away from our seats. Sooo exciting and fun!!!! These are some great expressions on the pics and
    love the videos! Yes, definitely smiling real big! 🙂 <3

  2. Yep, I’m definitely smiling. I wish I could have seen the Jukebox tour. Thanks for posting so we can see a bit of what we misses.

  3. This was the best concert tour! I think we went to 8 concerts. JBT2 would be great! Thanks for the smile.

  4. Nope, didn't see the Jukebox Tour LIVE dammit! Wished I would have! Thanks for the great videos and pics musicfan!!! I live through CLACK those first few years…. 🙂

  5. That was fun to watch and sure made me smile this morning, just love those videos, was never able to attend any of his concerts but enjoy them thru Clack. Thanks Musicfan, you sure know how to please us. xox

  6. I also did not see the tour, but oh how fun, with all your posts and clack, feel like I have, and still do. one of the most fun tours I think he did. He just looked like he was having fun. Loved the hats as well. he pulls them off so well. And how much fun with his backup singers. too cute. Thanks again musicfan. you make us always feel young.

  7. Saw the JBT at Wolf Trap in Vienna, VA. First row in the balcony and it was a perfect view. Loved, loved, loved this show!!! A JBT2 would be awesome!!

  8. I remember it well, from the first in Tom's River where we were overwhelmed to the last in Atlantic City with all the fun, plus 9 up and down the east coast including MI & IN…the best ever!

  9. Yes, I had to fly through the rains of Katrina to go to the concert in Atlantic City. My baggage got soaked when transferring in Cincinnati and I spent the night trying to get my clothes dry! I also met some great Claymates there.

  10. yes im smiling i did see clay aikens jute box tour it was amaazing iloved it i saw it at musick fest and my dad and my minister saw it also with me 😀

  11. Saw the Jukebox tour in Clio, Michigan. It was a Total BLAST! Clay is such a great entertainer! Will never forget it. My son accidently locked the keys in the car when we stopped at a local quick mart and some kind people helped us so we could get to the concert. Special times with good friends.

  12. OMG!!! That's TOLEDO!!!!! And that's the LAST time I saw him LIVE!!!!! Wish I could do it again!!! Perhaps someday in the future. Musicfan123-Did u know that not ALL of the pics posted? Just a little FYI.

    See You Later,


    • Ellison…there are supposed to be two videos at the end of the blog. They are on both of my computers, but I just checked my iPad and they are missing. ODD!! I will try and figure this out!! Thanks for letting me know!

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