Clay Aiken – Respected and Congratulated By Eric Idle

Eric Idle is the talented and funny mastermind who created the very famous Broadway musical Spamalot. In 2009, Mr. Idle was a guest on the talk show Good Morning LA and he talked about the history of the show and about how exciting it is that the touring show is about to open in Los Angeles.

Clay Aiken, who starred in the Broadway production of Spamalot as Sir Robin was a talking point in the interview.

There was much excitement for Clay fans when they found out that Clay was going to star on Broadway at the beginning of 2008. Clay fans flocked to the theater from all over the world. And many of the fans who traveled to the city, saw the show more than once. The fans were excited and supportive and tried to see Clay before his run was over. I doubt that any Clay fans will forget Clay’s last appearance when there were so many fans at the stage door in Shubert Alley that Clay took to the roof and gave his fans a kiss and a wave.

It was a surprise to many when Clay rejoined the show for a second run. The audience for the show was waning and the company was counting on Clay to bring more people and excitement to the show.

Mr. Idle commented in the interview in LA that during the second run, Clay confirmed publicly that he was gay and Mr. Idle seemed sad that some people might have stayed away because if this. But Clay still brought many people, fans and those who had lost track of Clay, to the show.

There were many reasons that the audience was smaller for Clay’s second run in Spamalot.

Most of the fans of Clay had already spent their vacation money on the first run. They just did not have the finances to make another trip across the country. Many had to enjoy the second run by reading the reports of the fans that lived close by and could attend.

Twelve Broadway shows closed in January, 2009. The country was hurting and Broadway was feeling the loss. However Clay left the show with great numbers.

Clay’s closing week in Spamalot was the highest grossing week since 2006.

The official numbers for Clay’s last two weeks on Broadway are:

$968,563 98 – 2nd to last week

$1,068,658 101 – Week ending Jan 4th – This was Clay’s last week.

$811,514 99 – Final curtain for Spamalot. Clay was not performing that week.

How exciting to see the numbers and recognize that Clay Aiken and his talent were an important part of Spamalot.

Clay Aiken had great reviews for his run in Spamalot and he brought many people to the theater. He was a valuable asset to the show and should be respected and congratulated for what he brought to Broadway.


Did you see Clay in Spamalot? Β More than once??

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11 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Respected and Congratulated By Eric Idle

  1. No, I wasn't fortunate enough to attend any of those shows in NYC πŸ™ The cost was the reason for me so I had to live vicariously through clack! Fortunately I have been able to attent at least one of his shows in concerts after. Plus being able to save for the Galas! Will NOT miss those! Miss him!

  2. I was lucky to attend shows in both of Clay's runs. April 2008, (3 shows) and then November 2008 (4 shows). Travelling from Toronto by train both times. Clay was fantastic, as he always is in stage shows.

    It's true, we were in a recession at the time, and a lot of people were hurting financially. I forgot about that. Even where I was working, we were cut back to 4 days a week. Still had to see Clay though. It was totally worth it. Great memories from Spamalot. So much fun.

  3. Saw Clay 4 times in Spamalot –amazing!!!!!!! — he is definitely a natural for theater –his talent is undeniable — cant wait to see him work his magic again and again — Ill be there with bells on!!!

  4. Yes. I'm from NJ so I was able to see a few shows. I brought family and friends to see the show. Not all of them were Clay fans but they enjoyed the show very much. Those numbers are amazing!

  5. Yes, we went about 5 times. We were there also for the first time he shocked and awed us when he walked out on top of the marquee (?). It was amazing! Clay was just wonderful in Spamalot. He is a true all-around entertainer.

  6. Lets hope we all have a chance to see Clay on Broadway soon. OUR soon-not his! Hopefully in something as hysterically funny as Spamalot-Clay is great when he is showing his silly funny side!

  7. Missed all the Spam fun because I wasn't born in Clayland…yet. πŸ™ But thank you so much for covering this, makes me feel like I was there and nice to know all the numbers and facts. I'd like to wish for more Clay on broadway or Clay anything within a 12 hour driving distance radius. πŸ˜€ Getting excited just thinking of it. I'm ready to hit the road Clay, just say the word. LOL.

  8. I went three times with fellow Claymates to NY to see Spamalot, at least 5 shows per visit. I had the time of my life! Loved the show and the stagedoor afterwards! What FUN we all had. I'll miss adventures like that if Clay leaves showbiz, but I'm a LIFER! Wherever Clay goes, that's where I'm going. He says we'll be seeing him….I trust Clay that we'll be seeing him. That's good enough for me. πŸ™‚

  9. Ah, the days of Spamalot……how the fans miss them. Living in NY, I was fortunate enough to see it 14 times. Most of them were in the SRO spots. They only cost $20, and we had to stand, but we didn't mind! For three of the shows I had 1st, 2nd and 3rd row seats. One was a birthday gift, another was a ticket gifted from a Clay fan who at the last minute, couldn't make it, and the third, I bought for myself. It was in the third row, end seat, that I was picked for the Peasant Person Award. What a night! My sister originally had that seat and asked me to change seats with her. I have the picture that was taken with Clay and the cast on my table next to my couch where I can always see it and reminisce about that magical night.

    I so hope Clay comes back to Broadway. His talent for acting is up there with the best of them!

  10. sadley i wasent able to to see clay in spamalot but i saw the clack for it it wold have been amazing for me watching clay in spamalot i sure do hope that clay does come back ta broadway his talent for acting and his amazing talent for singing is indeed up there with the best of them

  11. My birthday gift to myself was to see Clay in Spamalot in the spring. I went back in Oct. along with my brother and sister-in-law. We all loved it. Wish I lived closer to N.Y because the ladies behind us were from N.J. and this was their 14 time to see the show! I hope that Clay will be back on Broadway some day or do another summer run in Maine.

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