Clay Aiken – Family Members Fill Up The Time With Fun!!

The Christmas Holiday is officially over and the world is now looking forward to celebrating New Years Eve and New Years Day!

My house has been full with family members for the last few days.  It has been very special to be surrounded by family and loved ones…BUT…my time on the computer has been rather limited.

I expected to start a Clay Aiken year-in-review today, but I will have to start it tomorrow…

A big THANK YOU for your patience.  Hopefully you will join in the fun tomorrow.

 Today?  A few great pictures and a wonderful video by the talented SueReu!





Which picture is your favorite?

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Family Members Fill Up The Time With Fun!!

  1. I certainly understand about being extra busy. I will be looking forward to the year in review.

    All the pictures are wonderful. But, my favorite is #4 That big smile says it all!!

  2. Have a wonderful time with your family during the holidays. We are probably all doing the same. Love photo #3 of Clay with those dreamy eyes.

  3. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures and the beautiful video. Of course I love all the pictures but 3 is exceptionally hot.

  4. Do worry about it, we have all been busy! Will be excited to read your year in review when you are able to get it done! Thanks for all that you do! Love all the pictures but have to say #3 is my favorite…its breathtaking but #4 comes in second because of that gorgeous smile that Clay has! Great video by SueReu too!

  5. #3–He's looking right at me!!
    Miss him so much.
    Don't know how you even manage to work on this site during the holidays–grateful for all that you do.

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