Clay Aiken – In New York!

It is always fun to write about Clay Aiken, but it is especially fun when I can report on current news or sightings…Today is a Great day!

The following message and news arrived via twitter:

This was followed by a post by Clay’s new friend Dule Hill.

It is always fun to see Clay having a good time in New York and especially good to see him supporting his friends. I am sure Fantasia appreciates Clay’s support.

And another picture from another cast member:

This morning, I woke up to a fun tweet from Eliza Byard.  She wrote it to thank Clay for his support of the Safe Room Kits for GLSEN.  And… linked a CANN post to the tweet:

This was followed by another tweet about yesterday’s article at CANN:

It is always fun to realize that CANN is being read by lots of people who are involved with what is posted.

I think we need a few pictures of Christmas Clay to brighten up this page!!

 Are you excited that Clay is in New York?

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – In New York!

  1. I love all of this today!! New pictures of Clay are always fun, along with the news that he is in NY. What a handsome man!!!

    I am not surprised that GLSEN linked to this blog. You are so supportive of Clay's interests and we alway learn something when we read here.

    Yes, it is a great day!

  2. Thank you for all of the Tweet Pics – Clay looking good! Love the Christmas Pictures!! Good to hear
    that so many are following you and CANN – excited for you!

  3. Am I excited Clay is in New York? As a New Yorker, you bet I am! He is not one to shy away from supporting his good friends. He is a true and loyal friend.

    He looks terrific, too!

  4. I'm always excited when Clay is in New York. He sure has been there a lot since August….?????
    Thanks for bringing over the pics from last night, and the other ones from concerts past…..Love seeing them again….They just never get old….. I LOVE CANN!!!! Thank you as always Musicfan.

  5. I too am so happy to see CANN being tweeted because you do so many good things to keep us informed about Clay and his special interests! LOVE the pictures of Clay in NYC! He is so handsome!

  6. Love your post, pictures are great! Clay is a great supporter and love the tweets, well, at least we know where he is. it's great to get news about Clay, thanks again Martha. xox

  7. The only thing that would be better than Clay being in N.Y. is if I were there too! So glad that Clay has made so many new friends in the entertainment world. Now lets get Clay back on the stage.

  8. I suspected Clay was in New York as I know he loves NYC. The question now is now … is he going to stay there? Even though myself and some others were upset when Simon said Clay was better suited to Broadway, there is no question in my mind that Simon was right. Great blog and lots of interesting info. It seems that Clay makes great friends no matter where he goes and they are very quick to tweet him. Good job, Martha!

  9. im glad to know where clay is and hes fine love the poasts the pictures clay is indeed a great supporter its great and amazing to know and get news about clay thanks again martha xxo now lets see lets get our clay man back on the stage

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