Clay Aiken – Never Heard Him Sing

Happy Week-end To All!  How great it is have some time to just enjoy life!

Today, I was on public transportation.  I was sitting next to a young lady who was reading US Magazine.  It was so fun to look over and see Clay looking up from the page.  The young lady was reading the blurb on Clay so I innocently (ha ha) asked her if she thought Clay had a chance to win the election.  She was really cute and said that the magazine said he had to know about health care and economics. Then she said that she really had not ever heard him sing as she was only 8 when he was on TV.

Our conversation continued as she said she thought he would probably be prepared or wouldn’t even be thinking about running.  She was concerned that he was from the south and gay.  She said that she had heard that he was very smart, but said she didn’t know anything else.

I have to say I said little and enjoyed the conversation with the college sophomore.

Did you see the article from US Magazine?

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Never Heard Him Sing

  1. How interesting to get a everyday perspective. Sounds like what she knows of Clay is generally positive. The only real concern for Clay I have is he is a democrat running in an primarily republican area. (Il’m not judging at all, just stating the fact). We”ll see what happens.

    • I am not 100% sure-still brushing up on my NC politics b/f I move there- but I think the Supreme Court was looking into the redistricting that happened in 2012 to make D-2 more favorable for Republicans. As I said- not 100% but I think they are going to change the districting again to make it fair.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Any time I've had conversations with 'strangers' about Clay, they've always had pretty positive comments. There's a whole new generation out there who missed hearing that voice. They might not hear as much of the singing voice as we have, but I am hoping that in the future the whole country will hear Clay Aiken's voice–he has a lot to say!
    And I'm hoping that in the future we'll hear both voices from Clay–speaking and singing.

  3. That was nice, Clay is sure getting around in the public eye, I so wish him all the best, he has my vote from Canada! Thanks Musicfan and Deona xo

  4. Love that he is in US Weekly! Good for Clay!

    First the news, then the magazines….bring on the serious news show interviews next! So great that Clay will get to show the world this other side of him! I can’t wait for everyone to know he is smart, educated and has a great heart!

  5. Thank you for sharing your NJU experience. It is nice that she isn't discounting him just because he is an entertainer. I get very tired when I read comments on articles that you know the reader knows nothing about Clay except that he was on AI. I hope no matter if Clay is running this time or not that he will get some time on news shows to demonstrate that he knows a lot more than how to sing really nice.

  6. i find it shocking and un amazing that collage kids have not herd clay sing i wonder though is it time for a new cd

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