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Get out a box of tissue and head to The Official Fan Club!

What an amazing man! 


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17 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A New Blog

  1. I am an official fan club member and cant get on the official, I am paid till late this month….I have not been able to get on the cite….I have e-mailed them and got no where. I want to see the blog, after all I did pay for it 2times , and I have donated to his campaign….What can I do, I don't have the phone number for the cite now ? Help me if you can….Margaret McKeehan….

    • In the morning I will try and get some answers for those who are members and cannot get onto the site. They have done so much work over there, changing the address and such. I know it must be frustrating. I will get back to you tomorrow!

  2. Hi musicfan123! Sadly, I am not a fan club member since I live here in the Philippines. But I would very much like to become one so that I can also read his blog and to be able to show my support even though I won't be able to vote nor donate for his campaign . Can you help me? Thanks so much in advance and more power to you and Deona. GOD bless!

  3. Totally disappointed. Joined the ofc over a year ago, and have not been able to get on once.. Love Clay to death but this is very annoying.

    • Linda…I am sure it is frustrating to not get into the OFC. Make sure you are using the new address. It changed last week. Don't use a saved bookmark. The entire team has been very busy last week putting the political page on and transferring the OFC. Try:

      • This is Margaret McKeehan again, I can not get on the OFC I still have time I have been a member for 2 years now, all I want to see is his blog, it is not fair, I have also contributed to his election fund, I want to see what he wrote to us fan members from the OFC. can anyone send the blog to me…..???????

        • I have sent a message to the OFC to get more information about those who cannot get on. I am sure it will take a few hours before I hear back from them. BUT…I am trying. I know that they have had lots of people asking for advice and are aware there is a problem. I will let you know what I find out.

        • Okay Musicfan, I will be patient, thanks for your effort to resolve this, I appreciate it.

        • Try this:

          Delete your bookmark.
          Clear your cache and your history.
          Type in
          If one browser doesn't work try another.
          To get to his blogs:
          Don't click blog. Go to Users. Click his picture and then go to his blog.

          I will still work on getting an answer from the OFC

  4. The following was just posted by the moderator of Clay's official Fan Club…

    I just wanted to let you know that I talked to Brian and he is working on issues with GrndCtrl and will let me know what is happening. It was never intended that renewaks would not be accepted, just that new members would not be allowed. There has been a mixup in communications somewhere.

    Please just wait as I'll let you know as soon as I have further information. There is no point messaging anyone as I am dealing with Brian.

    Don't worry about the rumors flying around as we should wait for the information we will get from Brian.


    So…I am glad that the OFC is aware and will help all get back on the board. I will keep in touch and pass the word here!

  5. I have been looking to find an to make a suggestion. I donate to the DNC and they retain my Visa info so I don't have to do that each time I donate. Could Clay do that? He will collect more by making it easier to give more. Sandrea

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