Clay Aiken – A Unique Political Voice

  Thursday was a great day!

Good news about Clay Aiken is always exciting!

On Thursday, Gary Pearce wrote a excellent article about Clay Aiken.  Titled, Thank You, Robert Holding, the article is from the blog, Talking About Politics.

Thank you, Robert Holding
He helped answer two questions that I get a lot: Why are you helping Clay Aiken? And, of course: What’s he like?
When Holding said he was considering running against Renee Ellmers in the Republican primary (he didn’t, in the end), he said she “has gone Washington.” He added, “Do not underestimate Clay Aiken. He’s speaking from the heart. If he gets off the ground there is a concern on my side that he could get loose and win that thing.”
Bingo, Robert.
Aiken is known for his singing voice, but he has a unique political voice. As he showed in his announcement video, he tells his life story in a compelling way, he captures the public’s disgust with Washington dysfunction and he offers a clear and refreshing contrast. And he’s bringing attention to a race that wasn’t on the radar.
What’s he like? The first thing people say is: “You’re taller than I expected” (an inch or two over six feet.) He’s genuine, down-to-earth and likeable. Self-assured in the way successful people are, but not cocky. He’s not intimidated by cameras, media scrutiny or the Republican tracker who tapes his every move and utterance. Been there, done that.
He’s tougher, smarter and more informed than people expect. He’s a sponge for information and he sets high standards for himself and people around him.
He has a genuine distaste for what politics in America has become, just like many voters. And he has an internal compass that steers him clear of politics-as-usual. He’s a welcome contrast to a cynical, power-hungry, money-obsessed political world.
And his campaign is attracting smart, idealistic and committed young people. That’s good for the Democratic Party.
This is certainly an interesting write-up that highlights Clay and why he just might win his bid for the for the Democratic nomination for Congress in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District.
It is wonderful that Gary is working with Clay at this time. He is one of North Carolina’s most experienced political consultants.  According to the site, The Arena:

Pearce… was a key adviser to Gov. Jim Hunt through Hunt’s four terms as governor (1977-1985 and 1993-2001), in Hunt’s four campaigns for governor and in his unsuccessful race for the U.S. Senate against Jesse Helms in 1984. Gary wrote a biography of Hunt that was published last November.

He has also worked with a wide range of other North Carolina politicians, including Terry Sanford and Erskine Bowles.

He co-publishes a daily blog – – with Carter Wrenn, a Republican who worked with Helms. Gary began his career as a reporter and editor for The News & Observer in Raleigh.

I hope that many people will read this article and realize that Clay is serious about this election and ready for the challenge.  May I suggest that you bookmark this blog.  All the article here are interesting and present information about politics in North Carolina.  You can read the blog at TalkingAboutPolitics
Sometimes it is fun to read some of the fun tweets that mention Clay Aiken.  Did you see the following?


Yes, Hannah…it is cool!

What did you think of the article by Gary Pearce?

Clay looks and dresses like he is ready for Congress!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Unique Political Voice

  1. I did read this article and yes we were all aware of what Clay is about and it is exciting to see that
    finally many others will take note! Clay Aiken is "THAT" Special!!! <3

  2. Wow! What an impressive and positive article! It's so nice reading things about Clay that we have known for 11 years! Thank you musicfan for bringing all of this to us every single morning!!

  3. So happy that people are beginning to see the 'real Clay'….this is something that we have known for over 11 years. And I don't think that I have ever seen Clay look happier…he is really in his element.

  4. Loved the article by Gary Pearce. Like gaymarie said…we already knew that, but it is certainly wonderful that others are now seeing exactly what we have seen in Clay all along.

    Funny, cause whenever I may show a picture of myself standing beside Clay, the first comment is always…"Wow..I didn't know he was that tall". It never fails. lol A lot of people seem to think of him as this little guy????? Now people are seeing how smart he is. LOVE IT!!!!

  5. Love reading Gary's assessments of Clay. Clay can definitely shake things up. NC2 is a super lucky district.

  6. THANK YOU, GARY PEARCE FOR “TALKING ABOUT POLITICS”! You have summarized Clay Aiken more succinctly than any other description I have ever read. Renee Ellmers may be hitting Clay Aiken early, but she should be doing her homework before submitting statements to the press. Like so many, she believes hateful remarks in an attempt to tear down someone’s character is the way to win an election. Obviously, she has no clue as to the depth, resilience, political savvy, fairness, or empathy possessed by Clay. A few bits of mud-slinging will not deter this man.

    Ellmers could not be more off-base in stating Clay has “San Francisco values"! He was born and raised in Raleigh, NC, and returned to his home state as soon as he was free from “American Idol” obligations because he admittedly felt uncomfortable with “big city ways‘. His best-selling book, “Learning to Sing: Hearing The Music In Your Life” commemorates his early childhood, education, interest in government and history, his singing and acting in and around Raleigh, as well as his reactions to competing on “American Idol”. His beliefs and goals are thoroughly discussed in this book, and they definitely do not represent “San Francisco values”, whatever that may mean. (By the way, I truly feel sorry for that “tracker” who is hoping to film something that can be used to discredit Clay. The odds are infinitesimal unless a bit of “editing” is employed!)

    Clay recognizes the worth in every person he meets and is well-known as a humanitarian. If I were using character assassination as part of my campaign, I would certainly think it foolish to target Clay Aiken. Too many people know the truth, and this truth is summarized beautifully in a statement from William Faber, hymn writer (1814-1863):

    “There are souls in the world who have the gift of finding joy everywhere, and leaving it behind them when they go. Their influence is an inevitable gladdening of the heart. They give light without meaning to shine.”


  7. I read this article and it left me beaming! It is so nice to see that others are now seeing what we have known for years. Clay is a special man and he has the charisma, the humility and everything else that would make him a superb member of Congress. His need to champion the rights of others should be well recognized by all by this time. I wish I lived in his district so I could help sing his praises to the masses.

  8. I feel the same way as everyone on here about finally having everyone see what it is about Clay that we all love his caring for others is so potent …..Good luck to him, please send him as much as you can spare to help his campaign…..

  9. i also feel the same way as every one on here does about finialy having ev eryone see what it is about clay that we and ilove his caring for otheres is indeed potent i wish good luck to clay and please do send clay as much as you can spare to help clays amazing campain

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