Clay Aiken – “Such A Nice Guy And A Great Sport!”

Today Is The First Day of Spring! 

It is also the International Day of Happiness

Sounds right to me…The start of this new season brings happiness to many.

Celebrate the first day of spring by planting new life, new ideas and new goals. Spring is a time for hope, fertile ground and planning ahead. It’s especially important to celebrate the first day of spring with young children and to give them an appreciation for the little things that they can do to effect change in their lives.

Has anyone ever told you that you can balance a raw egg on end on the first day of spring?  They think that somehow the pull of gravity is more equal on this day because the sun is more directly overhead. There is no scientific support for this.

The egg legend apparently got its start in 1945 when a reporter for Life Magazine wrote a story about a Chinese ritual in which people stood eggs on end on the first day of spring.  But the Chinese recognized the first day of spring in early February, or about six weeks before the spring equinox!

Later, in 1983, one hundred New Yorkers got together on March 20 to balance eggs, and an article about the event appeared in the New Yorker magazine. A year later, five thousand New Yorkers repeated the tradition on the first day of spring, and the egg legend grew.

The truth is that if you can get a raw egg to balance upright on the spring equinox, you can get it to balance any other day of the year. The pull of gravity or the position of the sun in the sky has nothing to do with it.  So don’t spread this unscientific rumor, or you’ll end up with egg on your face!

Spring brings hope and as supporters of Clay Aiken, we have many hopes.  We hope he is happy, successful and feeling the love from his family, friends and supporters.  AND…we hope for the best results in May and in November!  You Go, Clay!

Did you see these wonderful pictures of Clay?

Chatham County Council on Aging: The Western Chatham Senior Center enjoyed a visit from Clay Aiken this past Friday. He helped serve lunch and chatted with the seniors! Thanks Clay!

This is the second group of pictures from this event.  I think they were glad to see Clay!!

Clay also had some fun pictures to share from Fayetteville:

He was such a great sport! Photo bomb! #clayaiken @ Cape Fear Otolaryngology

Such great perks at work! Such a nice guy and a great sport! His mom definitely raised him right! Clay…

And…what about Thursday?

From Facebook:  Reminder Thursday from 10 am till noon Clay Aiken will be at the Campbell House in Buies Creek. We look forward to seeing him and hearing him talk about the reason he wants to represent us in Congress. Please come and spend a few minutes with him. He is speaking at 11:00 am. If you need other details or questions direct mail is fine.


From Twitter:  Historic Venues ‏@HistoricVenues 2m
We are thrilled to be hosting a fundraiser for @clayaiken tomorrow (Thursday) at The Grand Ballroom! @ClayForNC

Please join
Peggy and Doug Abrams, Gene and Betsy Conti, Cal and Elizabeth Cunningham, Lucy Daniels, Linda Davis, Joyce Fitzpatrick, Tom and Jill Hendrickson,
Katie Hendrickson, Jeanette Hyde, Dave and Sara King,
Jack Nichols and Carol Spruill, Gary and Gwyn Pearce, Ann Robertson
for a reception honoring
Clay Aiken
Candidate for United States Congress North Carolina’s 2nd District
Thursday, March 20, 2014
5:30 pm-6:00pm Host Committee reception
6:00 pm-7:00pm Reception

Hosted by
Tom, Jill, and Katie Hendrickson
The Grand Ballroom
Historic Capital Club Building, 12th Floor
16 W. Martin Street
Raleigh, North Carolina


$2,600 Host / $1,000 Co-Host / $500 Sponsor / $250 Friend



To RSVP / / 919.675.2004

Paid for by Clay Aiken for North Carolina
Clay for North Carolina
PO Box 3809
Cary NC 27519-3809 United States


I loved the beautiful pictures from yesterdays mid-day blog.  I hope you saw them.

Both the article and pictures are wonderful.

Which picture is your favorite?

When information about Clay is available, I will post it as soon as I can.

Please check back for all the news!

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – “Such A Nice Guy And A Great Sport!”

  1. Those selfies with the girls were adorable! Especially the photo bombed one!! People just love him, don't they? As I keep saying, I sure wish I lived near Raleigh cos I would have bought a ticket to the gala in his honor today!!

  2. Love all the pics Martha, he sure is loved, wish I also could go to the gala or donate but since I'm not a US citizen I can't donate, too bad, just the same I'm rooting for him to win a seat in congress! Thanks Martha for the posts, goes great with my morning coffee.

  3. Loving all the articles and pics….Clay looks so happy and energized. Loved the pictures from yesterday, especially the one with him looking up…..It was a great day!!!!

  4. Clay in the hairnet reminds me of his guest role on Scrubs several years ago. It is encouraging to see the folks who are putting on this fund raising reception for Clay. I wouldn't have the $$ to attend even if I lived in NC! My small donations to ClayforNC will have to do.

  5. i remember when clay was on scrubs and he had on the hairnet its verry incuraging to see the people who are doing this amazing fund rasing respepshion for clay ilove all the pics martha clay is indeed loved i sure wish that i lived near raleigh i wish i could join in this respepshion fer clay i wold have baught a ticket to this gala in clays honor im rooting for clay to win a seat in congress that will have to do

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