Clay Aiken – PICTURES!!!


A new set of beautiful pictures of Sunday’s BBQ/Fundraiser in support of Clay Aiken, the Candidate for United States Congress – North Carolina’s 2nd District.

Thank you to the wonderful Anne Cotton who gave me permission to post these pictures!!  No words necessary!

Please DO NOT post these pictures without getting permission from Anne Cotton.  This is her request and it is important that we follow her wishes!

I love each picture and wish I could have been there to hear Clay talk!!


Respect Anne Cotton’s request to get her permission before you post them someplace else.

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14 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – PICTURES!!!

  1. OMG!! New pictures! He looks wonderful. I too wish we could hear him speak.Thanks Anne for sharing these wonderful pictures. Keep em coming!

  2. I gotta add that in person he looked much thinner, his hair is much lighter, his green eyes much sparklier, and well, you know…!

    • So you're officially a Tarheel now? would love 2 be one Sept. 1 through first week of Nov.! Sad there will be no more opportunities for Clay fun w/Arsenio but maybe now Arsenio will be free to help with Gala again.

    • I'm Jealous!!! I know there won't be any events by me I live in Indiana. But I would LOVE to attend one. He looks great to me.

  3. Thanks so much, Anne, for these wonderful photos of Clay and his sparkling green eyes. Love the green plaid shirt on him.

  4. My oh my…I love the pictures…but even more I love that Clay is so committed to making a difference for the people on NC.

    I hope that there will be fundraisers all over so that those of us who aren't close by can still attend. Do you know if they are thinking of this?

  5. Did everyone notice how happy & relaxed he looks. And VERY handsome!!!! He sure does look like he is definitely ready for the next phase of his campaign.

  6. I swear , Clay gets better looking every day.
    Handsome, charming, intelligent, well informed, articulate, great public speaker , and a caring heart to boot. And all that too.

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