Clay Aiken – The Radio, The Radio

…I’m not too crazy ‘bout love songs
This type of story cuts a little too close to home
Cause it’s all over the radio, the radio, the radio

Cuts me deep with every word
Saddest song I’ve ever heard
Try and shut it out
It keeps coming back for more
Drowning in the melody
Makes me feel like I can’t breathe
I can’t save myself
The only time I’m close to you is when
I hear a song I’m addicted to
So I keep coming back for more


During the summer of 2005, Clay Aiken performed around the country, presenting concerts on The Jukebox Tour. The tour was very popular and Clay sang songs from the 50’s through the 90’s. There was lots of dancing, costume changing, laughs and wonderful music.

During the tour, Clay introduced some songs that he was considering for his up-coming album. A fan favorite was an upbeat song titled, ” Back For More.”

I found the following YouTube of the performance of “Back For More.” The video was taken in Vermont. Take a look…… The song is “a little bit rock and roll” and although it is rumored that Clay didn’t really like the song, it was a big hit with his fans.

Did you get to attend a performance of The Jukebox Tour?

Do you like Back For More?

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Radio, The Radio

  1. I loved that song and so disappointed that it wasn’t on the album but at least it’s on Utube.

  2. Jukebox Tour was such fun! And I do remember this song well, and we also got the other new song "Just You" which I still think is beautiful, and the intro of "A Thousand Days" Good times!

  3. The Jukebox Tour was one of my favorites. A bunch of teen girls had choreographed a little dance to Back For More & kept performing it outside Clay's bus at Dayton venue before the show, hoping he would come out & acknowledge them. A leg was dangled outside the door of the bus tantalizingly, withdrawn, then extended again and flexed. The owner of the leg was Nick, who then emerged with Raleigh on a leash. A security truck kept running interference between the bus and the waiting small crowd, screening Clay's departure for the day's meet and greets, so the kids were disappointed. Unfortunately for them, I think the arrival of a paparazzo type with a professional camera sealed their fate by activating the truck. Song was so catchy and radio friendly, too bad it never got released as a single or album bonus! Great tour, very fun with lots of playful interactions with audience, Angie, Quiana & Jacob & set change- ups from venue to venue. Elvis medley was unforgettable as was fifty's medley which featured Clay standing on piano to perform Great Balls of Fire! Stump the band was a highlight every night, too. Great memories. Thanks for the trigger!

  4. I went to the JBT in CT–pretty sure it was on the same day that he sang BFM on GMA.

    Loved that concert so much. I think BFM would have done very well on the radio.
    I do like the song–anything Clay sings gets my vote.

  5. I was lucky enough to see the JBT six times in a number of different states! Loved it!! I think the fans shocked Clay with how fast they learned BFM and could sing right along with him. I was surprised he didn't record it. He knew the fans liked the song, but I guess he just didn't.

  6. iloved the jute box tour except the elvis music i dint like that but the rest of the concert was amazing

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