Clay Aiken – Using Your Voice


2014 – A Year of Change and Challenges for Clay Aiken

From his announcement video at the beginning of his campaign for The House of Representatives

to his thank you video the day after the election…

Clay ran an exciting and ethical campaign that proved that he was intelligent, hard-working, and willing to listen to all sides of a problem.


SueReu took some time to put together an amazing video that combines Clay’s words with glimpses of some of the wonderful things Clay did along the campaign trail.

This is a gem of a video and I hope you will watch it and enjoy each moment!

A big Thank You to Sue for letting CANN debut the wonderful video.  I am sure that you spent lots of time and energy to produce it.

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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Using Your Voice

  1. Another superb work of Sue Rue. Coming from the other side of the globe, I rely on your creations on keeping tract of Clay Aiken's career. Thank you for the wonderful photos, montages and videos. Thanks to the other clack gatherers as well.

  2. Thank you to SueReu for yet another beautiful video about our Clay. Thank you to Clay Aiken News Network for posting this and so many other gems about our favourite singer-man. And thank you to Clay for the wonderful example that he is, and for the hope he gives us for a better world.

  3. I just finished watching the video, I thought it was one I watched before but it wasn't, omg Sue you did such a beautiful job on this one as you've done with others, thank you so much Sue, God bless you.

  4. OMG! Suereu really outdid herself once again! I am so proud of Clay…he did a great job these past 9 months and I am so excited to find out what he's going to do next! Here it comes Facebook and Twitter! This is gonna knock your socks off! Thanks SueReu and musicfan!!!

  5. This video cannot be described in words! In my opinion, it tops all others by capturing the true essence of Clay. Without a doubt, there have not been many men in this world who can stand as tall as Clay and who give so much validation to neglected individuals. He is filled with right thinking, a strong work ethic, and the drive to overcome all obstacles. He is, indeed, an inspiration. Many thanks, SueRue, for this outstanding profile of Clay!

  6. Thank you for posting the great video by SueReu. It is very professional and gets the message out there. Clay ran a perfect campaign. It's too bad so many could not give him a chance.

    Thanks to CANN for another great blog.

  7. YES….a big Thank You to Sue!!! Love, love it!! You do work magic, Sue!
    Thanks to CANN for posting it here too!

  8. Thank you, Sue, for such a wonderful video! Clay's voice: singing or speaking, is so captivating and inspirational. We believe in him, unconditionally! as well as those in NC district 2, whose voices have not been heard. Sorry for those who could not see this! Those who did not vote for him, will continually get the same kind of representation: Not existent!

  9. Great Thank You statement from Clay, and a wonderful video created by SueReu. Appreciate CNN for sharing it with us.

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