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On December 18, 2012, Clay Aiken brought the Joyful Noise Tour to a spectacular area of the United States…Beaver Creek, Colorado.

I can’t think of a more beautiful place to have a Joyful Noise Concert than Beaver Creek, Colorado.  Beaver Creek is a modern resort area with the feeling of an alpine village.  In the winter it is an active ski center.

The village is made up of many shops, restaurants and spas.  It even has an outdoor ice rink.  The beautiful Vilar Performing Arts Center is right in the village.  According to the Vilar Center website:

The Vilar Center for the Arts is a spectacular state-of-the-art center in Vail, Colorado, boasting a 530 seat theater, two 2,200 square-foot lobbies and the May Gallery Patrons Lounge, which hosts an amazing display of 17th and 18th century architectural watercolors. The center first opened in 1998, and offers a cultural center for the Beaver Creek area and hosts events and exhibitions all year round. Tourists and locals alike are welcome!

I thought it was interesting that the theatre is below ground under an ice skating rink.   And I do remember that the bus had to travel through a snow storm to get the musicians to and from the area.

Did you get to attend a Joyful Noise Concert in 2012?

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Concert Underground

  1. Oh I sure did! I drove like over a thousand miles while going to venues in Florida with two wonderful ladies! Best trip EVER in December of 2012!! Oh how I miss his Christmas shows!

  2. I drove over to Greensburg, PA to see this concert. No snow, but plenty of Christmas cheer because I attended with my cousin who had never seen Clay. She thought we were going to a 'country' show because Clay was from NC. Boy, was she surprised and pleased! I do miss Clay's Christmas tours.

  3. We went to see Clay in Easton, MD. at the Avalon Theater. Very small venue, but we had first row seats! First time that happened since I became a fan on "Day One"!! What an awesome show! The surprise of being selected to be the one to try and pronounce Joe the Drummer's name was something I will NEVER forget! Thank you, Clay, for making me feel special for those few minutes! Shenandoah2

  4. Won my frist ever M&G at this beautiful venue, drove from Fort Worth Texas to meet my Idol.

  5. I was at Beaver Creek. What a beautiful location and venue. It was just like a postcard. Clay sounded wonderful, as he did every night. Would love to have another Xmas tour!

  6. Yes, I did travel from Las Vegas to Beaver Creek. To me, this venue was the most unique Clay has ever selected. Heavy Colorado snow was everywhere, and the drive was possible only because of the snow plow in front of us. Arriving at the theatre, I found a cozy and comfortable venue surrounded by inviting shops and restaurants. At night, the landscape was filled with trees, all superbly decorated with colorful lights. I have never encountered such a gorgeous “Winter Wonderland”!

    Arriving at The Vilar Center lobby, I had a chance to chit-chat with fellow fans, sharing our favorite stories about Clay. When the doors opened, I found my seat to be very satisfactory. The show had barely begun when Ben came on stage holding an oxygen mask that had been provided in the dressing rooms for vocalists who might be disadvantaged by the high altitude, and Clay snatched the opportunity for an impromptu series of humorous comments as only Clay can. From then on, songs of the season flowed effortlessly from Clay’s lips and, of course, the concert ended all too soon.

    As fate would have it, I happened to be the very last person to leave the venue! In this remote area, I was unaware that some cell phones would not work, and I had one of those cell phones! As I waited the thirty plus minutes for the manager to close up and call a cab for me, I strolled out the front entrance to again observe the beautiful trees and lighting effects. Clay’s tour bus happened to be parked fifteen feet in front of me! An individual I did not recognize was slowly checking each of the tires. Finally, he entered the bus, and shortly the key was turned in the ignition. At that apoint, the most horrifying grinding occurred, and white plumes of smelly fog from the exhaust surrounded the bus. The fumes made it almost impossible to breathe. The driver tried over and over to start the engine. After approximately twenty minutes, the engine engaged, and the bus, still straining and rattling, pulled laboriously away.

    I hope Clay’s trip home had no further complications. It was a night I will never forget, and I bet Clay won‘t forget it either!!!

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