Clay Aiken – A Night Full Of Joy And Excitement

On January 4, 2009, Clay Aiken performed his last performance of Spamalot on the stage of the Shubert Theater. It was a night of celebration for the audience and the cast members. From the look on Clay’s face, it was a night full of joy and excitement for him too.

Thank you, Clay for the great Broadway adventure. Your performances as Sir Robin, Guard 1 and Brother Maynard were spot on and gave the audience lots of laughs.

I was lucky enough to see Clay perform in Spamalot and even was chosen as the peasant one night. However, I was not there for the final show.

Did you see Clay in Spamalot?

Did you see Clay’s last performance on January 4th?

The following video is titled

Clay Aiken: A Retrospective Part 5

Knights On Broadway

This video highlights all the Broadway performances by Clay Aiken.  The Spamalot section is excellent!

Thanks to SueReu for another wonderful video!!

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  1. Wish I had seen it. Thank you so much to SueRue for a great video, as always! Clay is truly an artist and not just a singer with a great voice. He can act too and act real good!!! Thanks Martha!

  2. Oh that was so much fun to watch! Thanks Suereu!! Fantastic job! I was one of the many that didn't get to go to NYC to see Spamalot but I sure saw some wonderful clack! I relived it through those fantastic clackgatherers!!! Thank you for sharing this with us Martha!!!

  3. Love this. I'm sorry a lot of the videos were taken off You Tube. This is great. Thank you so much!

  4. I remember how special Sue's montage was when we first saw it. Now it's a priceless example of Clay's talent on stage. Spamalot was a joy live. A perfect vehicle for Clay.

  5. I saw Spamalot twice…once in Apr. and again in Oct. It was worth the trip to see Clay at his best and funniest. It's so much fun to watch this videos over and over. Thanks to all who made it possible.

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