Clay Aiken – A Favorite Video!


I am always amazed at the wonderful videos that fans of Clay Aiken put together. Some are videos of favorite songs and some show the fun conversations Clay has with his fans. But that is not all…some combine different clips and put them together to tell a story.

Today, I have chosen a very funny video to share with you. It is lots of fun and I love the last bit that is from the Jukebox Tour.

Do you have a favorite video?

Let me know if you want me to post a special song or moment. I’ll try and make it a part of a blog. The best way to let me know is through a comment here.


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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Favorite Video!

  1. "Hugging Clay Aiken" is my favorite video. It was posted 6 years ago on You Tube. I also love the videos with Clay being so funny. What a well-rounded performer!

  2. I'd like to see a clip from the TIMELESS tour in Windsor Ontario. I was there and it was a hoot.

  3. How much fun was THAT!!!! I had so much fun reliving some of those memories! I was as several SRHP shows and saw some of that banter in person. He is so dang funny, and you can tell the love he has for the girls! Thanks musicfan!

  4. Thanks as always for sharing. Since I haven't seen him in SOOOOO long, I've forgotten how FUNNY the three of them are together!!! What a stinkbomb he was pulling their battery packs out so they couldn't hear. Just wondering if you could maybe post the 60's Happy Together from Toledo where I think it starts the girls take his legs around their heads & then he retaliates & puts BOTH of 'em in a headlock. Thanks in advance!!! Keep 'em coming!!!!

  5. Love that video, I watch all the videos I can find of his concerts, he's so full of joy, he makes me smile, he's my favorite guy! Thanks Musicfan xo and thanks so much to the fans who took these videos, they are greatly appreciated.

  6. I never get tired of reliving the past 12 years of Clay's career. From his American Idol days up to his campaign for Congress. It's kept me occupied for the past two years and I'm loving every minute of it… 🙂

    Thanks CANN!!!

  7. Clay is a master when it comes to humor whether it is scripted or impromptu! I’d love to see “You Simply Must Have Jews”, “Brave Sir Robin”, and “Guarding Herbert”! Clay’s stage presence is always overwhelming!! Thanks for a fun morning!

  8. Clay is a master when it comes to humor whether it is scripted or impromptu! I'd love to see "You Simply Must Have Jews", "Brave Sir Robin", and "Guarding Herbert"! Clay's stage presence is overwhelming!! Thanks for a fun morning!

  9. Most folks who have not seen Clay Aiken in concert have no idea how funny he can be or how great he is at improvisation and clowning with Angie & Quiana especially. That is why we can't be satisfied with just one concert per tour, we have to catch as many as our schedules and pocketbooks will allow! Oh, how I miss concert Clay! Thank you so much!

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