Clay Aiken – Are You Ready To Laugh?

Some days you just need to laugh and that is what we are going to do today.  We just had two long blogs so now its time to sit back and just have fun!

Today, we are highlighting a great video by SueReu.  It is called The Lost Rossini Medley. Some of you may have seen it before, but whether it is a repeat for you or a new video for you, your smile will be there!

This great video takes scenes from the 2007 summer tour and puts them to the music of Rossini.  If you want to see Clay at his best and have a good laugh, watch this video to the very end.

So…are you smiling?

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Are You Ready To Laugh?

  1. Oh wow that was fun to watch first thing in the morning! Thanks SueReu and musicfan! I loved that tour!!~

  2. Yes, I”m smiling. Having coffee with OMC and Rossini Love his hilarious wit, dancing and his moving of the hips, whoa! Great way to start the day. Thanks so much for the montage: Musicfan and SueReu.

  3. I was so down this morning but after watching this video I had to smile and even giggle, that Clay is so sweet and funny, just made my day better, thanks Suerue for the video and thanks Musicfan for posting. xo

  4. Yes, I am smiling & laughing!!! But somehow the sound went out toward the end when he was SHAKIN' it!!! Weird!!! He's just a big kid, a silly goose, & all around loveable guy who's got MAJOR chops!!! Thanks as always for sharing!!!!

  5. Suereu that was an amazing job! You are definitely creative. It was spot on. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. Suereu has such a talent to put this all together and share it with Clay's fans. Thanks for the memories of the 2007 concert and brightening our day.

  7. Fantastic SueRue! Have been away for so long but somehow got a notification of a CANN update. So glad I clicked on it!

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