Clay Aiken – Music Is My Life


Music IS My Life!!  My mom was a concert pianist, my dad, the drum major of the UCLA band,

and by 5 years old I played the piano and the flute.

It is wonderful that I discovered Clay Aiken, a singer who is a real musician!


Do you sing, play or listen to music?

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Music Is My Life

  1. Musicfan; you are fortunate to have music in your life with your talented parents and you playing musical instruments. I was not so lucky in that aspect, but I do love to sing. And when Clay came into my life, he brought out my love of singing all over again. I am not bragging, but I've been told I have a pretty good voice, but Clay is beyond the universe! He brings out the best in me whenever he sings or speaks.
    Thanks for the videos. you're he best!

  2. I listen to music every day, it soothes my soul especially Clay's music, love it, I can't imagine a world without music. Love the videos Musicfan, thank you.

  3. Thanks for the 2 videos Musicfan. Loved watching them.

    I cannot play an instrument. I can sing a little bit, but my hobby has always been music. I love it. I fell in love with Clay's voice 12 years ago. A voice like his has never touched me the same way. Then you just add his personality to it…and you have the "IT" factor. Sing, act, comedy, compassion..he just has it all. I'm a Clay Aiken fan for Life!!!!!!

  4. i love to sing in the choir at my church. I always have music on. Home, work and car. Life is too quiet without it.

  5. Piano and a few other instruments. Love singing more than playing instruments. Love to dissect Clay's singing voice, he sings it so naturally and with perfect pitch. Learnt a thing or two from listening to his different voices and techniques. There's some magic in the way he sings it too, takes you to a different world. 😀

  6. i listen to music every day,mostly clay! loveh is voice, his looks and his personality! it relaxes me to listen to his music!! come on clay, give us more!!

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