Clay Aiken – An Impromptu Performance


On Saturday afternoon, Clay Aiken tweeted the following happy tweet:

My best friend, , married his best friend, Courtney today. Congratulations Nick and Courtney Leisey!

CANN sends Best Wishes to both Courtney and Nick!

 May your life together be even better than you can imagine!

Remember this??

On July 23, 2007, Clay and his team put on a wonderful concert in Sterling Heights.  Unfortunately,  one of Clay’s back-up singers, Angela Fisher was feeling poorly.  She was not able to sing her featured song that night.  So, Clay and Quiana improvised a duet of her song, Listen.  This impromptu performance ended up being one of the  highlights of the tour.

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – An Impromptu Performance

  1. Oh my, that was so much fun to watch and "listen" to again, lol!! How nice that Clay's best friend Nick got married! They look like gorgeous! Wonder if Clay was his best man? We've heard he was at the wedding! Did he sing? Dang it we need to hear him sing NOW!! LOL!!!

  2. Please tell me the wedding wasn't in Boston…So close but yet so far….I hope we hear some news "soon" and it's that he's going to be singing again!

  3. Congratulations to Nick and Courtney, they make a lovely couple, wish them all the best. Love the video of Clay and Quiana, they did a great job of the song as a duet! Thanks Musicfan xo.

  4. Recently, an interviewer ask Clay how does he train his voice for an upcoming tour or performance? His response was: he doesn't, She was amazed! Having seen this video, I know that's true, His talent is as natural as speaking! Quiana and Clay brought the house down! Thank you, musicfan for the article and the video!

  5. congradulations to nick and courtney i share in clays joy asyou both start your lives together as a married couple the video of clay and quanda singing listen that was amazing and its also a clay clasic moment im also amazed that clay doesnt train his voice for a concert tour or a performance

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