Clay Aiken – A Few Fun Things!


I love when the calendar turns to a new work-week.  It seems that often we get some news on Mondays!  Yesterday we did get a bit of fun things to talk about.

US Weekly posted a story about McDonald’s on Monday.

McDonald’s Secret Menu Confirmed by Manager During Reddit AMA: Details

This article talks about the secret menu that many fast food restaurants have…you just have to ask.  It seems that someone who has worked at McDonald’s  spilled the beans.  I’m not sure why this is worth an article, but…it was there.

What was fun about the article was the picture they used in the article…a picture of Clay Aiken and Jessica Simpson.  I love the picture, but Clay’s name is not anywhere in the article!

Clay Aiken and Jessica Simpson celebrate World Children’s Day at McDonalds in 2003 Credit: Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic

I don’t care why they used Clay’s picture…..I think it was a great idea!!!   You can read the entire article HERE


Clay tweeted on Monday:

Ok friends!! Gotta help my friends in Maine win this contest! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

If you were following Clay Aiken during the summer of 2013, you probably heard of the The Clam Shack.  The popular eatery is in Kennebunk, Maine, just a few miles from Ogunquit where Clay starred in the musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

The stars of Joseph with the owner of The Clam Shack

The owner of The Clam Shack is Steve Kingston.  He has owned The Clam Shack since 2000.  He always welcomes the performers from the Ogunquit Playhouse and his daughters have been on stage at the theatre and their training facilities.

The Clam Shack is in a contest to be named the best place to get a Lobster Roll.  If you want to support this great place, vote at CLAMSHACK  

I had the opportunity to have a Lobster Roll at The Clam Shack.  It was wonderful!

It looks like Clay enjoyed it too!!

Have you ever visited The Clam Shack?

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3 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – A Few Fun Things!

  1. Cute pictures of Clay holding that lobster! That smile on his face just lights up my day! I would love to visit Maine one day

  2. I didn’t get to the Crab Shack that summer to have the famous Lobster Roll but Ive found out that they will ship to SO CA!! Thanks for the pictures!!

  3. i have never been to the crab shack those are cute pic tures of clay holding that lobster that smile on his face lights up my nights

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