Clay Aiken – They Tell The Story

Most people only notice hands when they fail – like dropping a ball or failing to thread a needle.  But I notice hands when people speak or sing. Hands are a valuable communication tool that alone can tell a story. 

Hands are the heart’s landscape.

~ Pope John Paul II ~

The human hand allows the mind to reveal itself.

~ Maria Montessori ~

The hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence.
~ Unknown

Our hands tell a story.

~ Unknown ~

Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man go together.
~  John Ruskin ~

 At the National Inclusion Project Gala in 2010, Clay Aiken felt this song was especially beautiful when told by hands.

What a beautiful performance of Both Sides Now

SueReu put together another of her wonderful videos.  The music is beautiful, but watch the hands.  They tell the story!

Where Do I Begin – A Love Story

Do you have a good “hand” picture to share?

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – They Tell The Story

  1. Clay not only has a beautiful voice, but his hands are so expressively beautiful! My favorite song he performs is "Measure of a Man" especially at Fort Meyers in 2007. The song is so heart-wrenching.. Clay not only performs this song with his expressive hands but with his whole body! Look the video up: watch and listen!

  2. Clay has such beautiful hands 🙂 I always watch them whenever he's performing or even when he's just talking. They're always immaculately clean and well manicured it was a surprise when his toenails were the subject of his periscope broadcast a couple of days
    ago, being in badly need of a trim… Love you Clay <3<3<3

    Thanks CANN!!!

  3. I don't have any hand pictures, but I surely did enjoy watching these videos. I saw Clay in Cleveland for this concert. Folks around me were talking about travelling to Cincinnati to see the next show. I recall seeing Clay use his hands while performing way back on AI.

  4. Clay has always been expressive with his hands. I noticed it right from the beginning. I'm off to watch the videos now…I've seen them before, but am looking forward to watching them again. Thanks Musicfan.

  5. Clay's hands are definitely expressive. Also you can tell how consistent his voice is. Just listen to Both Sides Now. It's always PERFECT!!!

  6. Both songs are so emotional and bring back such wonderful memories! Wish Clay was still singing for us! Miss that voice immensely.

  7. Just a suggestion for a couple of new blog entries… Would you mind posting eye pictures, b/c personally I think that is OMC's BEST feature!!! Those eyes get me EVERY Time! Also, the anniversary of my seeing him the 1st time on Tour is coming up on Tuesday, July 20 when he & the others were in Detroit. And on Sunday, August 16 is the anniversary & LAST time I got to see him in Toledo on Jukebox Tour! Thanks in advance & if you choose not to do these, I understand!

    • Thanks for the suggestions. I wrote them down. I am always looking for suggestions when Clay is out of the public eye.

  8. clays hands are verry expresive and you sure can tell how consint his voice is i wish clay was still singing for us all i miss that voice so much

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