Clay Aiken – Entertaining The Audience

Do you remember “They Will Be Locked”? Clay Aiken shouted out this phrase when he was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live in September of 2006.

As always, Clay and Jimmy seemed to enjoy chatting with each other. Jimmy introduced Clay as his best friend and Clay presented Jimmy with his Relly award that he took from Jimmy’s office.

Jimmy had collected some items from Clay’s Fan Club store. Jimmy held up 2 different boxer shorts, a thong, a signed pashmina and a paper fan that featured Clay’s face!!

Clay related a story about a presidential motorcade that stopped traffic and made Clay wait for about 25 minutes. He told about the limo driver that was not too patient when Clay was concerned about the door of the limo being locked….so “THEY WILL BE LOCKED!!”

Two young ladies who were a part of the audience were shown having Clay’s signature tattooed on their backs. They came up to the stage to show Clay. However, Clay could not be out-done. He rolled up his pant-leg and showed off his “tattoo” of Jimmy. He even complained that he had to shave his leg for Jimmy.

After the chat, Clay moved to the Pontiac Stage and gave a short concert for the audience. The television audience heard A Thousand Days and a few lines of Invisible. The live audience heard Without You, When I See You Smile and Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word.


I wonder if Clay will ever have the opportunity to visit Jimmy again. The two men really entertained the audience when they chatted together…They make great TV!!

Have you even seen Clay live at a TV taping?

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Entertaining The Audience

  1. I'm afraid I live on the wrong coast to attend a live taping! LOL! Luckily there are so many clack goddesses around who help us out each time Clay appears anywhere!! Yay!! He was so funny that night on Kimmel. Loved the tattoo ladies and now I am a part of the club!! He autographed my wrist and I had it tattooed!!!

  2. This was one of the funniest interview with Clay and Jimmy! They have a rapport and bring out the best in each other! I miss Clay and Jimmy together; maybe something will brew in the future!

  3. I've seen Clay many times in concert. The only time I saw him at a taping was for the PBS special…and that really was special! How about the time Clay beat up Jimmy Kimmel? Now that was funny.

  4. ive seen clay sing twice in concert i remember when clay told that the doors will be loked that was so funny the most amazingley funny interview ive ever seen with clay and jimmy kimmel i liked the tatoo girls no i have never seen clay do a live taping

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